Spring cleaning yeilds scope

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  1. I was cleaning my house and found two scopes I didn't even know I had. I don't remember buying them. One is an old Weaver K6 it is a steel tube 6X40mm not the new 6X38mm. The other one is a Tasco #615W 1.75-5X40mm. Does anyone know where I can send the Weaver to have it cleaned and worked on. I want to restore it and the "new" Weaver doesn't work on the old US scopes.
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    Weaver Scope

    jimkim: Sir; Send it to "Weaver Scope Repair Service Home":)
    1121 Larry Mayhan drive
    Suite B
    El Paso, Texas phone #915-593-1005

  3. Weaver Scope Repair service went out of business. They told me no one else would repair it either. I just wanted it cleaned and nitrogen charged.
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    Scope Repair

    800-285-0689 If your Scope was made before 1997 Call this number.
    non-warranty repair.

    after 1997 you are entitled to Warranty repair. Same # 800-285-0689
    rifle scopes made during and after have Japan stamped on them

    Before they were stamped ?El PasoTX or USA

    trying to help.
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    Try this place:


    Good Luck!
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    Yep! I had a K6 rejuvenated by parson's quite awhile back. Don't remember what it cost.
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    That sounds like a nice bonus find. I need something along that line when I clean so that I can scope my belgian browning and give it a go. I have never fired the thing.
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    AK- What caliber is your Belgian?
  9. I found a Chiang Kai-shek rifle this afternoon. Well I found everything but the stock. Bur I cant find one of my VZ-24's. I hope no one "traded it out".