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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mauser Freak, May 14, 2008.

  1. Mauser Freak

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    Anyone know the poundage of the stock PA 63 recoil spring? I just ordered the 15 lb spring from Wolff and should have thought about asking this question before hand.

  2. Rollinco

    Rollinco Guest

    I believe the stock spring is an 11.

  3. Maybe just order this one?Scrool down until you see recoil spring. All parts on the 2nd page, where this link takes you and page one are all for or to a PA-63.
    Hungarian PA 63 FEG 9X18 Pistol Parts
  4. rmm63

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    I believe the original was indeed 11 lb. I tried a 13 lb and was not satisfied. The 15 lb spring that I am using now was correct for me as far a recoil is concerned. Unfortunately for me, it takes quite a bit of hand strength grip the slide and pull it back now.
  5. NASAman

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    I installed the 13# spring and am very satisfied with it. My 11 year old daughter can use the gun with no problem. I think the recoil is very small, but I have been shooting a 44 mag a lot recently so my view may be a little skewed.
  6. guncrazed

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    feg pa63 parts

    Icould use some help finding parts for my pa63. anybody know where ai can go? The makarov site is not working right now. I'm specifically looking for a firing pin, and cocking spring, Thank you .
  7. Rollinco

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    Go to the link in post #3 for the parts. They have 12 firing pins in stock.