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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mon Bathan, May 31, 2002.

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    Hey guys please enlighten me. I have shot my P9M a little over 800 rounds. It works fine but I just would like to know when is it necessary to replace the spring? Does a spring have minimum and maximum utilization life? Thanks.

  2. DougW

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    800 rounds a week, you might think about replacement in a few years. 800 a year, not necessary to be concerned. With the P9M in 9mm I assume, you should be able to go way past 10,000+ before you notice any degradation of performance, and maybe not then. That is a tough pistol, so unless you shoot 100+ rounds a day, I would be more concerned about the finish of the pistol than the wear of the springs. Buy more ammo!;) Good Shooting!!!

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    Doug is right about your particular model, since you probably won't be shooting a lot of +P ammo in an FEG. Springs wear out faster with higher pressure loads. Springs in blow-back pistols wear out much faster than locked-breech designs, since they take more battering. Even then, you will probably wear out the barrel of an FEG PA-63 before a new spring is absolutely required.

    Most FEGs I have encountered (esp. PA-63s and Hi-Power clones) benefit from a +10% replacement recoil spring out of the box. This is not due to some glaring fault of FEG pistols; most European pistols that I have owned or shot function better with American defensive ammo after this $5-10 upgrade. Virtually all new production 9mm pistols can handle +P ammo with no problem, but their SPRINGS are not always designed for these loads.
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    Thanks to both of you for your inputs!