Springfield Armory XD .40 S&W Service model

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by semperfi.50, May 15, 2008.

  1. semperfi.50

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    I'd have to say this is the most accurate and reliable sidearm I have carried with me.

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  2. Bravo

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    Nice looking gun. XD's are one of the best striker fired handguns out there. Had the S&W M&P not fit my hand better, I would be using an XD.

  3. Aarant

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    tell us more about it. how does it handle? whats the recoil like? ETC...
    Whats the cost? Nice looking weapon!
  4. semperfi.50

    semperfi.50 Guest

    Overall great performance

    It handles great. The positioning of the grip is different of that than a Glock so when you pull it out of the holster there is no adjusting the line of the sights like there is a Glock (only using Glock as an example because this is what I know) so it's a natural positioning of the gun when aiming. It cost me $480, came with holster, mag loader, 2-12 rnd clips, clip holster and lock. Recoil is not that bad at all. Just an example but I own a 9mm S&W Sigma and the recoil is comparable between the two. The U.S.A (ultra safety assurance) feature is great due to the fact that you can't release the pin without your palm applying pressure to the palm safety (like the 1911's) and it has a steel trigger like the Glock (though Glock's trigger is not steel). I've fired over 300 rounds and not one problem yet, even using the cheaper plinking ammo. Very satisfied. Here's a site to read about the torture test the XD was put through. It's amazing stuff. So if you are looking for your next concealed. Give the XD a try.