Springfield Model 1898 Bolt ActionSpringfield Model 1898 Bolt Action

Discussion in 'Firearm Appraisal' started by 99dragon99, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Sorry, to post this one here....

    But this is an auction that I have a chance to go to when I get back

    Dave Miller Auctions

    If anyone can give me a general value on the guns posts PLS let me know.
    I am really interested in:
    Springfield Model 1898 Bolt Action
    Winchester 94-32ws
    Single Shot 3714
    Sturm Ruger 7MM Rem. MagW/Bushnell Scopechief

    But I would appreciate the value for anything on the list... If anyone goes to the auction and wants to bid on anything... let me know in advance, so that we don't cross wires and make it more expensive than what it's worth.
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    Afton NY
    Dragon. I had several of the 30-40 kraigs, nice action on rifle. Not to pretend to be an expert on these but i had a collection of them once and got somewhat of an education on them. First browse Gunbroker and pick up on value and details vs the differing prices. Look for things that increase value such as proper cartouches, matching numbers, pinned repairs in stocks, is it a carbine or long rifle. Watch out for old VFW guns, as they are quite often with pitted bores, or sanded , and refinished. It depends on if you want one for collection ( authtenticity). or just to shoot. An origional unmolested specimen can break the 1,000 dollar mark at a good collectors auction i believe. They are a sweet , well built rifle, and also the first American smokless powder military issue gun, as i recall. or something of that nature. Again, watch details by sellers on gunbroker, etc, because a ton of these were sporterized which kills collector value. Usually the barrels, and wood were shortened, and the 1,000 yard ladder sights were changed. I hope i am steering you in the right direction here, these are some of the things i remember about them.