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Springfield Sporters (Good or Not ?

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory' started by M.R. Don, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Hello Out there Enfield Buffs,
    Have yet to get me first, I like the #1 and #4! the question I need help with is, has any of you fella's ever delt with Springfield Sporters in Pennsylvania, I just got their catalog and they have some nice #4's from 90.00 to $120.00 some with new stocks and some sniper rifles! Im lookin for nice wood and a good safe serviceable shooter! any info appreciated.

    thanks, Don
    from Ohio

  2. Don, I have done bussiness with them in the past, Just mags and stuff. Have yet to buy a gun from them. Prices look ok, but Mail order I am sort of leery about it. Still like the ability to hold, cycle, examine at my local shop or show. hope this helps.

  3. REM.303, thanks for reply, I called Springfield Sporters, and the guy said I could come to the warehouse and pick and buy my rifle there! From where I live here in southern Ohio,thats about a 70 Mile trip, well worth it to actually see the good stuff, in there Catalog they show a few photo's (Enfields stacked like cord wood,Im sure I can find the rifle I want, can you imagine all those Enfields just lookinn for a home ? thanks again Don!
  4. hey Don, when you go there ask them about what they used for the new building floor pad concrete reinforcement. BOY will you be surprised....
  5. Oh!!! NOT LEE'S I hope, if so may they R.I.P

    REM.303 did you know the contractor! The guy I talked to down there sounded like R2-D2,
    Have a good one LOC & LOAD
  6. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt G&G Newbie

    M.R. DON-Please tell me if the Enfield snipers are worth getting...I'd like to get one if they're worth it..and Thanks!

    As for service, they were pretty prompt with my orders, less than three weeks...that's better than other places, in my experience. The stuff I've gotten was generally in good order...the Hakim barrel I ordered from them was perfection!
  7. I've only ordered a few parts from them. The milled adjustable sight for a No.4 that I got from them last year was in new condition and cost $10. That's half of what others usually want for them. Other parts that I've gotten from them were in great shape too. The odd thing is that they have no web site or even an e-mail address that I know of. That would help a lot.