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  1. Brad Pitt ( Tom Bishop) took out a Laocian General during the Vietnam Conflict. Question: He used a SMLE mk#4. Did the US really use those Rifles for snipers or is it just Hollywood doing what comes natural, gun shoot, gun kill.
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    Great movie, I saw it about 3 weeks ago at the cruise ship and like it a lot.
    Also saw The Last Castle both with Robert Redford.
    Both movies were great.
    I didn't recognized the rifle so I can't tell you anything about this, maybe the older guys can share some light.

    Talking about rifles, I'm 99.9% sure that the rifle used by Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon when he's shooting the bad guys at the desert (Mr Josua (Gary Busey) and members of the Shadow Company), is a PSG1 from HK.
    If I'm wrong please let me know 'cause I been giving the video a hard time between slomo and rewind and I'm 99.9% sure but not 100%.

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    i haven't rented it yet. but i beleive the CIA had access to what ever they wanted. using a 303 makes sense since Laos was a secret war. they didn't want to draw any attention to U.S. involvement by using a U.S. made rifle my $.02 anyhoo:D
  4. Makes sense.
    Two dads in our Boy Scout troop, one was in Thailand and the other Cambodia.
    Heard a few war stories over the years. Some like boy scout camp and others, thank God they are alive to talk about them.
    Thank ya'll for being there and doing what you did.
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    Mandy, Gibson was useing a H&K PSG1 a real nice rifle but it's out of my price range...
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    I haven't seen "Spy Games", but in the real world I would think a Mosin would make more sense - still used by the enemy at that time for sniping. Plenty of battlefield pickups, and it'd make the bad guys wonder! Just my two cents worth, though. :confused: