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Squirrel Hunting - Camo or Blaze Orange?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by NHmsj, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. NHmsj

    NHmsj G&G Newbie

    Ok fellas, which is it? Do you hunt squirrels in camo, blaze orange or whatever you might be wearing when the opportunity to hunt presents itself?

    In the early season, since around here the only folk in the woods gun hunting are squirrel hunters with bowhunters close behind, I prefer to wear camo or, at the very least olive drab, etc. However, as the general small game season opens up with bird and rabbit hunters about, I frequently switch over to blaze orange (cap.) And, of course, during the muzzleloader and regular fireams deer seasons, I wear blaze orange full time. However, although I have read that squirrels, like deer, can't "see" blaze orange, I seriously have my doubts. It seems to me that when I'm wearing blaze orange, I frequently see squirrels high-tailing it at high speed well before I am in reasonable range. So, my question is actually two-fold. Except when or where mandated and/or during the big game seasons, what do you wear when squirrel hunting - camo, blaze orange or what?

    Secondly, does anyone have any factual insight as to whether squirrels can actually detect blaze orange or not?

    Inquiring minds (mine) would like to know!

  2. Triggerjerk

    Triggerjerk G&G Newbie

    I have no idea, but if I wanted 'em I could sit in my back yard and shoot 'em. :09: I have a pine/oak/hemlock/birch forest. We feed 'em at the bird feeder all winter. :)
  3. webs

    webs G&G Newbie

    I can remember as a boy hunting squirrels in jeans and a flannel shirt.I did this for many years with good results and it wasn't until I started bowhunting deer in 1967 that I even had camoflauge.I think the camo does make a difference if a hunter is moving around on the ground and now I would not hunt without it.The blaze orange I don't care too much for but when the Deer Seasons open it is required by Indiana law.While hunting you must wear it.Can the animals see it?I think in different light conditions they just may be able.I have read that they can and also they can't.Take your pick but I feel more confident when wearing only camoflauge that's color hues and patterns match the seasons.I only wear hunter orange when the law requires me to and then in the minimum that the law allows.
  4. jerry

    jerry G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I wear camo during early squirrell season. When upans season comes around 400 sq inches of orange is required. We still kill squirrells on a regular basis. Movement is the worst enemy of a hunter for many species of game.

    Are squirrels color blind?

    Research suggests, that the squirrel has "dichromatic" color vision, and therefore can see in color.
    This would compare to a Human, that has "red-green" color blindness.

    A Squirrel Place F.A.Q. Section
  5. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    Like webs years ago I wore Jeans and a dark color shirt. When camo evolved I wore Mossy Oak like everone else was wearing and now I wear a mixture of different RealTree and Mossey oak...Geez I guess it's a fashion statement now that you have to wear camo LOL.
    My delapadated game vest that I wear when I squirrel hunt is olive drab and this year I found my lost olive drab BDU's pants and wore them this squirrel seasons along with a heavy duty long sleeve Mossey Oak Break Up T shirt. I thought it looked good together...But i always look good in anything I wear !!!! LMAO!...A.H

    EDIT : I have wore a Blaze orange vest many times squirrel hunting and I honestly think It stirs there curaosity where they come to you to investagate.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2007
  6. Muthagoose

    Muthagoose G&G Newbie

    Well ever since the Hmongs decided to shoot rivals out of trees and use the excuse that they thought it was a squirrel now blaze is required in Mn...
    Seems they have had influence in Wi as well...
  7. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    When younger, I wore jeans and a green flannel shirt. Worked fine. Later, I wore a camo GI Surplus BDU shirt. Didn't notice any difference.
    Squirrels may see colors, but they have the attention span of a precocious five year old - wait quietly a bit, they'll go back to feeding and forget about you.

    Move slowly and quietly - 'stalking syle' - you could wear chrome and hot pink, and still get your limit. Hmmm . . . I better not give away all NRAJoe's secrets . . . :09:
  8. killer

    killer G&G Newbie

    Was that the time one of them shot his buddy in the head...twice?

    I was shot at once by a group of them some years ago. I can only assume they thought I was a deer. I could hear the .22 bullets hitting the leaves in the trees above me. I was walking on the hill above them so I was able to step out of their view quickly.

    I should have callled the Sheriff and had him waiting for them when they came back out.
  9. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor


    NC: Blaze orange will be worn: when hunting
    either: orange hat; orange vest.

    Night hunting Coon/possum ? never thought to ask.
  10. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Nhmsj: In your post you stated,"do you hunt squirrel in camo". Around here squirrel are naturally camoflaged by the color of their hair and find little necessity for camo. They might in cold weather. sam.
  11. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    Sam them there tree rat are wearing fur coats, but I did catch one of the rascals trying to steal one of my mossy oak bandanas!
  12. NHmsj

    NHmsj G&G Newbie

    Sam, very cute, very cute indeed. :)
  13. GoodAim

    GoodAim G&G Newbie

    I even gotta kick outta that little joke. Nice one Sam. As for if you should not where Blaze orange. I think much like BigDog said. If you stay still and quiet they will just ignore you.
  14. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    I prefer to let my two welsh corgies harrass the bejeezuz out of em they get so imvolved watching the dogs yapping at them they forget about me and my lil ruger. And suddenly there it was creamed squirrel in gravy over squashed taters!
  15. Dallas

    Dallas PUKHA DAWG

    When I hunt I'm in Orange. At minimum an orange cap and vest. I don't want to be mistaken for a walking tree.
  16. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    I was squirrel hunting one time all decked out in orange (this was when I got older and developed this new shape)and sitting under a big tree and a man came along and started to cut my stim off and take me home for his kids to make a jackolantern.Havnt worn orange squirrel hunting since. sam.
  17. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    Sheesh I always wondered whatever happened to the "Great Pumpkin"
  18. Dallas

    Dallas PUKHA DAWG

    Hey, I resemble that statement.
  19. Ruckus

    Ruckus G&G Newbie

    I never really decked out in camo per se, depends on the weather. Have used a ghille and a pellet gun to good success though. Kinda fun.
  20. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    Even decked out in Blaze Orange you can get shot by the Bubbas down here!

    "Honey, I heard somethin' and saw a flash a urange, so's I shot inta the bush to see whut was there!"

    Yep, good huntin' tactics, Brother Bubba! :eek:wned2:

    I was at the 50 yard line at the range once changing targets, wearing an orange hat - guy shoots his 9mm pistol, and says he 'didn't see me'! The other range users jumped him worse than I did.

    Some folks are just 'stuck on stupid'. And the squirrels here have death wishes - they wait til the last second before jumping out from in front of my car. I nailed a bunny the other day - Bugs wasn't as fast as he thought he was . . . :09:
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