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    Since all the previous posts about squirrel hunting have disappeared from this forum, and since squirrel seasons are opened up or are about to open up in many states, I thought I'd post a couple/three photos from previous hunting seasons here in NH just to fire things up a bit. :)

    The NH squirrel season opens Sept 1st and runs through Dec 31st. As it is for me, I had my right knee replaced just about 4 weeks ago. Rehab is not a quick or easy thing with a knee replacement (at least not so far), but I am hoping that I might well catch at least the tail end of the season (no pun intended.) Good luck to all you other squirrel hunters, however. I'm looking forward to seeing many pics of bagged bushy-tails heading on their way to someone's dinner invitation!


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  2. I get some of my best sleeping done while squirrel hunting

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    I've not squirrel hunted much in the last few years. But I need to get off my butt and go some. I sometimes see some good bucks while I'm squirrel hunting. I've got a old Win. 37 16ga. that is just awesome and needs to be used some.
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    I had something odd happenearlier today...shot a squirrel, but the lil screwball didn't fall outta the tree.

    Literally just stuck in place...so I sat there & waited...and waited...even fired another to try to knock 'em off...
    he's just stuck up there.

    Guess I shoulda used the .22WMR instead of the .22lr subsonics, would punted him off...LOL

    I'll check again tomorrow...
  5. I remember that happening when I was a little kid squirrel hunting with my dad. He shot a squirrel on the limb of a big oak with his open sighted Marlin 101 and it just dropped dead on the limb.
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    I've had that same thing happen. Caught between two limbs of a pine tree. I finally decided to shoot the limbs down to get the squirrel. I had ACL surgery two years ago. Walking the woods squirrel hunting did me a lot of good as long as I didn't over do it. It may help you out as well. Climbing a deer stand wasn't as easy, but was doable. Hope your recovery goes well.
  7. I've got a new 20ga. H&R Pardner pump I want to try out squirrel season when it opens. My go to shotgun is a Remington 870 12ga. pump. I changed the choke tube to full on this shotgun and it made it a better squirrel getter.
    I'm like roverboy I've got to get back to going more often Like I use to.

    This thread reminds me I need to buy a Mossberg 500 20ga. full choke to try out in the Pardner.

    Thanks A.H
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    For a hunter there is little worse than not recovering game that one KNOWS they killed or hit and believes will soon (hopefully) be that way. One year I had two experiences where I crept up on a cutting squirrel to close range, had a clear shot and dropped the hammer on my 20ga in what should have ended with two dead squirrels in the game bag. In both instances both squirrels where knocked out of the trees they were in and hit the ground as dead weight. In the first instance, the squirrel lay they as I approached. As I closed the gap between us, I looked down for a second as I reloaded and when I looked up, the little bugger jumped up and ran off at high speed. I was totally caught off guard and the thing was out of sight before I could get another shot off. I looked everywhere for that speedy bushy-tail, but found nada.

    I went to the spot where it hit the ground and found nothing, no blood, no trace of hair, nothing. I walked back and forth in a semicircle from that spot extending out further and further in the direction I saw it run off to. Again, I never found anything. I had no doubt I hit the squirrel. The way it fel out of the tree, hit the ground and lay there for a bit, convinced me of that. But still, when it was all said and done, I didn't recover it. I was not a happy camper.

    The second instance was much like the first. A good stalk on an unsuspecting cutting squirrel to close range followed by an unobstructed shot. I watched as the squirrel fell out of the tree and bounced on the ground. In this case however, it crawled a couple of feet and I lost it in the undergrowth. As I approached the animal I reloaded expecting to have to finish it off. Ah! But when I got to the spot I thought the squirrel should have been, it wasn't! Again, I found nothing, no squirrel, no blood, no anything. I did the same as in the first instance. I searched the area in an expanding series of semi-circles looking for any evidence of "my" squirrel. I looked behind and up every tree looking for blood if the squirrel had managed to recover enough to climb up one. I checked the ground. I checked rocks. And I checked under every fern and bush I came across. But once again, after a perfect stalk and shot, no squirrel came to hand. I spent a lot of time and effort in trying to find those two squirrels, so I didn't feel I was negligent in my responsibilities as a hunter. But I was still, nonetheless, disappointed and upset that I had put a hurt on two living things without knowing for sure if they had died quickly or if their ends were drawn out and painful.

    Again, and at least for me, not recovering game it very distasteful. I know something will benefit from my lost kills, but I like the satisfaction of knowing I did it right, that I recovered properly dispatched game and got it to table to be consumed and enjoyed.

    Good luck to everyone this season, and may we all bring home the game!

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    . Sometimes after a morning hunt I would take my carry gun, which was a Beretta 950BS, .25 Auto and shoot squirrels and groundhogs. I gave them a fair chance, providing for the limited accuracy of the little pistol.
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    NHmsj I had an experience like that last year. I was deer hunting but carried my .22 in case I didn't see no deer. I shot 2 squirrel's on the ground and they laid there for a hour while I was still in the stand not 5 feet apart. I checked where they were before I climbed down. When I got down it was like they disappeared. I searched for another hour without finding either one. When that happens I feel sick, it may have been a small animal, but it was one that I should have found.
  11. I've had them hit the ground with a thump and there be dry noisey leaves on the ground and they vanish. You could'nt hear them run off and even kicking back leaves I could'nt find them. Where do they go ?
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    I love squirrel hunt'n since the first time I went, last time 2 years ago. REALLY NEED to go again, good for the soul. ........Waterdog.
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    Hi NHmsj :) I live in New Hampshire as well. I just moved here actually. I used to live in Vermont and then Massachusetts and now I am in NH. I recently got my New Hampshire hunting license and I am very excited to get out there for squirrel season. I used to hunt squirrels a lot back when I was a teenager living in VT. Good memories.

    Do any of you hunt squirrels with high powered air rifles ? I have a new Benjamin Trail NP (Nitro Piston) .22 cal on the way to me via Fed Ex at the moment. It will shoot non-lead pellets up to 950 fps. (although I will be hunting with lead hollow points). I had the Benjamin Trail NP in the All-Weather stock but the recoil pad shipped slightly defective (was falling off from day) so I decided to return it and go with the Hardwood stock which is really nice looking. It's also about 2 pounds lighter. The All-Weather stock rifle was 8 pounds! A little to heavy to lug around the woods all day long..at least for me.

    Anyways, my first post here. Was excited to see some other folks talking about squirrel hunting so I figured I'd join and say hello :)

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    Lochlainn, welcome to the site, especially to the Small Game forum. But even more than that, welcome to New Hampshire! When you get a chance, check your PMs. msj
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    Zombie Squirrels...;)
  16. Gosh I haven't had time to do any squirrel hunting for a long time...
    Need to get back out there and start again...IDK when the season even starts in Arkansas this year...
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    I haven't been squirrel hunting in several years either. I do remember early on having a couple of 'em "hang up". I was using CCI green tags. Very accurate, but not the best hunting round. Just FYI a .22-250 kills them cleanly with a head shot at 200 yards. No, it was not lucky. I was sighting in my coyote rifle and since my zero is 235yds. (<.5 MOA groups) it was an easy shot.
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    I really enjoyed squirrel and deer hunting when a teenager. Land I deer hunted on in Texas at that time had year round squirrel hunting. So, often went there to hunt squirrel.

    I used a sporterized peep sighted 1891 Argentine mauser in 7.65X53 to hunt deer and reloaded my own ammo for it. Normally I squirrel hunted with a 22 LR, but got bright idea of using the 1891 with reloads using smallest bullet I could find and a reduced powder load to hunt squirrel. So, loaded up a 20 round box of ammo and went to the deer lease with my hunting buddy

    Fired about 5 rounds at a target to get idea how my squirrel 7.65 loads shot and then off to the woods I went to hunt leaving my friend at the cabin on the lease. While crossing a large pasture that had large oak trees planted about 20 yards apart from each other along one of the pastures fences, I spotted a squirrel leaving one tree and running to the next one. I moved to the tree the squirrel had left to scan the tree for the squirrel. Eventually, I had a shot and took it, but missed. Squirrel ran down trunk to ground and scampered to the next tree. I moved to tree he'd just left and waited for another shot.

    I shot again, missed again and squirrel again left tree for next tree. Well, 12 trees later and 12 shots I was down to my last round of 7.65. By this time the darn squirrel was bored with me. It was on one of the lowest branches standing upright in full view while eating an acorn when I fired my last round while standing under the tree limb. Missed again and the squirrel never stopped eating on the acorn. Egads!!!!!!!!!

    I threw my rifle on the ground and looked around for a rock or something to throw at the squirrel. I pitched for our high school baseball team and had excellent control. Now I always carried a FN hi power 9mm pistol when I hunted and had a full 12 round mag in it and another 15 rounds in a cartridge holder on my belt. Trouble is, I'd have better luck hitting the squirrel with a rock, than with the Hi Power. As the saying goes, I couldn't hit a barn while standing inside it with the Hi Power. But, not finding anything to throw, forced to try the pistol. I was determined that darn squirrel was gonna die and I had 27 rounds of 9mm to do it with.

    The squirrel had not moved from the low branch, just sat on it watching me as he ate an acorn.

    I'll be darned, my first shot with the Hi Power hit the squirrel between its eyes. He fell out of tree and I did a victory dance around him.

    When I returned to the cabin with my trophy, my hunting buddy asked about all the shooting he'd heard me do. I embarrassingly told him what had happened. When I'd completed the story, he laughed and replied, "no way I'm going to believe you got the squirrel with the Hi Power."
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    Good Story

    Hey, good story! Thanks for sharing it.
  20. here in a couple weeks after Moose seasen I found a prime area for Squirrel and Snow shoe hare and I plan on busting out my squirrel/rabbit slayer (my model 60 lol) and bust me some bunnies. Our squirrels up here are very small compared to the grey and fox squirrels they have in the lower 48 though and arnt worth eating. But when I was a kid we use to hunt them at my grandpas cause they would steal (literally lol) his insulation out of his roof and cause damage to the house from this. So we would go down to visit him and I always brought my bb gun and would help kill off as many as I could. He had a ton of them.

    As a matter of fact the very first thing I ever hunted and killed was a Red squirrel up here with my Crossman 775 550fps air rifle. That little critter climbed up to the top of this big ol spruce tree and sat up there under cover chattering at me. I kept circling around the tree trying to get a good shot. I was using pointed lead pellets for these guys. after finally getting a good view I took a shot and nailed him in the head. But to my supprise he only fell about 5 feet and then started climbing back up.....So I shot again....again in he head....he fell about 5 feet and climbed bac up lol. At this point i was getting upset so I finally took one more shot and it nailed him in the head again, this time he fell all the way down. When i got up to him over a quarter of his head was gone. The pellets had done there job but this thing was tough! It tried to run off so I stepped on it killing it. How ever he kept jumping around and flopping from nerves. Well I was young and did not know this squirrel was dead and i fealt horrible. I seen him flopping and in my mind just knew that he was in pain. So I pumped that little squirrel full of about 15 pellots before he stopped. By this time I felt so bad I was in tears because I ment to kill the little guy not put him in pain. It wasnt untill I took the squirrel back to where my mom dad and grandpa were and told them what happened that they told me that he was most likely dead when he hit the ground and that it was just his nerves. To this day I will never forget how I felt when I shot that squirrel. One of those things I will never forget.