Squirrel in My Garage

Discussion in 'Off The Reservation' started by EWY270, May 19, 2020.

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    New York
    I'd suggest using a .22 CB round, if you have something that will cycle it properly. I had to use one to take out a skunk a friend of mine caught in a trap. Worked fine from about 30 feet.
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    The only time I like squirrels in the house is in the frying pan after being cleaned, washed and battered with corn meal.

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    I can't agree more, I also use a Crossman 2100 that shoots both BB's and Pellets (.177). The Crossman is subsonic but the BB's are very effective through it. My Gamo is Hypersonic and pellets through it (depending on the type) are also very effective. Gamo makes a hunting pellet (well at least they used to) called "Raptor" that uses the full strength potential of the rifle. Unfortunately, when you shoot it, it cracks like a round through a .22LR, which my neighbors will call the troopers over, but it's a one shot kill. I shot a squirrel with the Crossman that was looking right at me (using BB's). Hit it between the right eye and nose and blew out the back of it's head. The little bugger got up and ran and I had to chase it to put it down. I like both rifles, but I like the Gamo because I can get a second shot off quicker with it.
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    I have found the same issue with the loudness. I have about 8 of the expensive break open one shot rifles. One or two have a red dot sight with the spotlight configuration for hunting in dark. I also have Blue streak and a Benjamin pump 22 pellet. They are deadly but so **** loud and sounds like I am shooting a 22 rifle.
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    20200520_114306.jpg 20200520_114347.jpg 20200520_114405.jpg

    The above Crosman pellets are what I've been using to pretty good results, the second is the Gamo Raptors I spoke earlier of, excellent round but I can't find them locally anymore and I only have two tubes left. The third, round nose pellets, I haven't tried yet with either rifle. BB's are BB's if you ask me, so I won't show them here, but they work well also.
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    Get yourself a nice Benjamin Marauder (any caliber) and you won't disturb the neighbors when you shoot. They are very quiet. I have a .25 cal and use 33.95 gr. JSB EXACT KINGS @ 800fps and that gives me 48+ fpe. When I hit a rabbit it sends it tumbling. I also have a Diana 34 in .22 cal and that is another great pellet rifle. I use to have an FWB 124 in .177 but I sold it.

    Coach, I tried those Raptors but the go sonic and whistle or crack as you said. They are not accurate out to far. I shot some rabbits with them in my FWB and they went right through them. I've tried a lot of different brands of pellets and find that the JSB's are the best for the money. I love my pellet guns but miss using my pb's on the rabbits.
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    Just raise the rent and watch him move out. :D
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  8. Get yourself a pellet rifle , No Noise and will get the job done without the neighbors knowing anything .
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    Yep, live trap, acorns and .177 air gun in the ear. Dump and hose the trap off ready for the next one. Nice and quiet like.
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    I have several pellet rifles. My better one is a Benjamin @ 967 fps, and quiet. Faster than a .22 short, and it won't bother the neighbors.
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    I'm pretty happy with the kill rate of the Crosman pellets I posted. They actually expand as long as the target isn't too far off.
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    It is one critter that fries up nice with white sausage gravy and biscuits. So don't use shot it is he!! on your teeth.:D
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    Thanks for the advice. It looks like pellet gun, trap or CB cap from a rifle.
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    if ya go with the rat trap just rest em high on a 2x4 and listen for the snap!
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    Don't keep us in suspense!! Get rid of them squirrels yet?
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    I often use 22 Federal Brand snake shot, 3 inch barrel revolver. Two weeks ago I caught 4 pack rats in a single live trap. Shot them at about 3 feet. I have probably killed 20 snakes with that load over the years from a 3 or 4 inch barrel revolver and they work fine, just do not think they would work for a squirrel. I keep the 3 inch barrel revolver loaded with only those loads as we have lots of snakes and had to kill 2 inside, where you do not want a traditional bullet bouncing around inside.

    I also like the Colibre, Super Colibre, CB caps and the CCI Quiet, which is about 700 fps and works fine in my Walther PP, suppressed. All of those have plenty of power for a squirrel at 30 feet. I have chronographed Remington 22 short, 29 grain bullets from my 4 inch SW model 63 at about 650 fps and my .177 cal pellet gun at nearly that exact speed. The pellet only weighs 8 grains but that is plenty with no worries of where the bullet goes..

    I normally use a Walther P22, suppressed. If you have the option, rimfire suppressors are wonderful. I have killed 7 or 8 skunks and dozens of snakes in the last decade and neighbors never had a clue, all with one of my 22s, usually the Walther or the GSHG 1911-22. Again, that bullet is still going somewhere. I once had a skunk running behind a grill in the dark. Took 3 shots by flashlight to get him. Next day I notice a hole in the grill, from the little bullet only going about 700 fps. For that reason, I suggest the pellet gun

    My 2 cents.
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    That's what I was thinking as well. Air rifle. 18 grain pellet ought to do the trick in a decent air rifle, with much less risk of damaging your home.
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