Squirrel in My Garage

Discussion in 'Off The Reservation' started by EWY270, May 19, 2020.

  1. EWY270

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    I've told my wife before that the rabbits were the good Lord's way of providing meat to go with the produce from the garden. Then I get the look. It's kind of funny, she will eat deer and antelope but not the little critters.
  2. mitchr

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    Mine won't eat any wild meat. From the look I got, thought she was gonna divorce me for asking her to cook some squirrels one time. If my brother & S-I-L hadn't been visiting, she might have refused!:p

    The youngest one tried them, but didn't like 'em. Thought I was gonna have to fight my oldest one for my brother & I to get our share!:rolleyes: Anyway, when our kids moved away & I had no one to help me eat it, I quit hunting.:oops:

  3. Junction15

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    There's a lot of good suggestions in this thread. I was just going to say that my Crosman 1377 pellet pistol has taken out a couple dozen red squirrrels in and around my house over many years. Very accurate. pump it between 3 to 10 pumps to get the power level you want. I never have put a hole in the house.
    (I even use it to shoot the icicles that get too big but are just out of my reach. Shoot 'em at the top and on the outside of the circumference. This breaks the ice on a clean line and the pellet ricochets out away form the house.)

    Any rodents will chew insulation, wires, walls, roofs. And pee all over the place. My house sits on 1 acre of my 40 acres. I don't care what they do on the other 39 but if they take up residence on the 1 acre, it's "game on".