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While it isn't that same as deer season I treat it much the same. Since I own my own hunting property and am in the woods just about every day I know where to find squirrels and where deer are likely to show for that matter.

Decide to hunt squirrels in the morning so get up early check the weather station and lay out my clothing, them make breakfast. Breakfast is different on hunting days, rather than a dry cerceal with milk I make some thing with eggs.

I like to dump a can of hominy in a skillet, lay strips of bacon on top and cover, break about 4 eggs in a bowl and beat them then uncover the skillet. the bacon is now cooked about how I like it so pour the beaten eggs in the skillet covering again. While it is cooking I make tea, when that is finished so is my breakfast.
That is my hominy bacon egg scramble.

It is about 15 minutes till day break so I dress according to the temp on the weather station. don't worry about thr day time high because I don't expect to be out over 2 hours max includeing squirrel cleaning time.

Grab the rifle I am going to use this morning a scoped 22 rim fire or center fire since 22rim fire ammo has gotten in short supply and pricy.
Go out and get in my deer blind, yes the deer blind where I set in November fire arm deer hunting and see so may squirrels and the season is closed then.

Squirrels in my woods get active about a half hour after sun rise. Then disappear some time around 10:00 to 11:00 AM then return to active in the afternoon some where around 4:00PM.
Most days I can have my 5 squirrel limit in a hours.

These are fairly new to our woods about 5 years ago.

There are getting to be more grays in the woods, smaller than the red phase fox squirrels.

:D Al
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