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    Some states have spring Squirrel seasons but for most of us the season will not be open until August,September or October.The seasons are quickly approaching and it won't be long before we are all in the woods again.When does your Squirrel season open and what gun or guns will you be using this year?
  2. SwedeSteve

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    We have squirrels here, but we don't hunt them much. Too small, but they are mean, LOL !!

  3. webs

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    Gotta love them small mean ones SwedeSteve.It just adds to the excitement of the hunt.Thanks for the chuckle.
  4. NHmsj

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    Squirrel Hunting!

    Yes Webs, our squirrel season up here in NH starts Sept. 1st and run through to Dec. 31st. I'll be out there opening day for sure! Throughout the season (but with a bit of a break during the muzzleloader deer season, of course) I'll be hunting our bushytails with a .410/.22 o/u shotgun/rifle combo and, for the first time ever for me, a .62 caliber smoothbore flintlock loaded with #6s. To be true, I really am looking forward to that. And, who knows, I might even take out my single shot, break action NEF 20ga from time to time, too. :)

  5. jerry

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    August. Normally the 16ga when the trees are still full of leaves.
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    In Vermont, we have only a fall season as well... I try to get out after the bushy's a few times per year... My problem is that the season corresponds with ruff grouse, which is my main attraction... I will occassionally take one after missing say 12-14 grouse, just as a confidence builder... My weapon of choice is a 20g Leferer SXS... Also my grouse gun. good luck!
  7. Around here, no limit no closed season. 99.9999% of the people around here have no clue about squirrels. I love'm. Fun to hunt, good to eat.
    I meant to add, I hunt'm with my trusty Stevens 12 ga SXS. I am trying to get an old Sears single shot .22 set up for this fall. Less noise and cheaper to use.
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    I'd love to go shoot up some of those fuzzy little tree rats, but I have no idea when Kentucky's Squirrel season is. =/ Anyone have an idea? I plan on using my Marlin .22 bolt action with some subsonic ammunition. :] I'm getting a nice scope put on that baby soon...
  9. I check the Ketucky Game site but couldn't find anything. I sent an E-mail, we'll see.
  10. Aarant

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    1st weekend in Oct. and a .22 cal Marlin model 39A
  11. Well we here in Arkansas have a spring season. It's actually open right now. I might take the pardner out next week and try to bag a few. But I don't hunt too many until fall.

    Well I take my little Sears and Roebuck single shot .22 rifle out ever years. It's pretty accurate! And it has a lot of wear but it bags em!
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  12. Our regular season runs from October to January with a spring season in May.
  13. tippmann7

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    usualy september and this year im using the 20ga and the .17hmr.
  14. NHmsj

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    KY Squirrel Hunting

    Check this out...


    Scroll down to where it addresses the "proposed" KY squirrel seasons for 2008. You might even consider calling the KDFWR to see if the June season has, in fact, been comfirmed.

  15. webs

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    The Indiana Squirrel Season opens August 15th of 2008 and ends January 31st of 2009.I have a couple .22 rimfires and a .17 Mach 2 that I will be taking to the woods after them.I must say I am envious of you guys who live in states with spring Squirrel seasons. The Spring would be a great time to be in the woods and I hear that calling Squirrels this time of the year can be good.If you guys get a chance to get out let us know how you are doing.
  16. I intended to try spring squirrel hunting again this year but it's hot now and with the Ticks, Seed Ticks,Red Bugs,Chiggers and the Moskeatters.
    I think I'll pass.
    Repell and Off don't work this far south...It only pizz'is them off !!!

    Matter of fact you can hear them come'in !!!!...A.H
  17. CZer

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    The Fall Season opener here in KY is 3rd Sat in Aug-Feb 28 09 and I CAN'T WAIT! We got 2 weeks spring season June7-not sure. I'll be hunting with my 22lr a CZ452 Am.-Weaver RV7 2.5-7x28.
  18. NHmsj

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    ...comments deleted due to stupidity. :)
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  19. Steve

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    The season opened on may 15 and runs till jan 30 2009 for us here in oklahoma and i can tell you it is a lot of fun hunting the little buggers when the trees are in full folage, and they eat good too, and i hunt them with a browning 22 auto that shoots shorts only and i use cci hollow points.
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  20. EviL

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    Season just started on May 15th here in Okla. Im going to take my 5yo boy with his pellet gun and ill probably take my .22. its just a cheap wal-mart special Stevens .22 and i just put an Aimpoint CompM scope on it and sighted it in today. the scope is worth almost 3 times as much as the gun itself, haha. i dont plan on shooting any squirrels myself, but im sure ill see some snakes down at the creek to shoot at while were lookin for squirrels.