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    A friend and I are looking to buy some bulk .223 for our AR-15s. We are interested in the Winchester SS 109 green tip that is in Shotgun News for about $220 for 1000 rounds. Has anyone have any feedback on this stuff? Or can anyone recomend a good type of bulk ammo to buy (preferably hollow-point)? We are looking for plinking ammo, we aren't shooting at 1000 yards, but we still don't want to buy ammo where every other round is a dud...
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    Why the heck pay $220.00 bucks for plinking ammo? I shoot Wolf .233 and 7.62 through my AR and AK. Thousands of rounds later and never had a miss fire or any other problem. the ammo doesn't foul the weapons any more that any other brand and it is not any worse for the life of the barrel (at least according to literature provided by Wolf). Check out "Cheaper Than Dirt" $100.00 bucks will get you a case of 1000 rounds. Half price sounds pretty good, no?

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    I heard that the steal shell form the Wolf ammo is bad for AR's. If you got the money atleast get something with brass shells and non cor.
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    I have used a lot of Wolf ammo, in various calibers, and all were labeled non-corrosive. I have not had any fouling problems. The Wolf .223 does not seem to be as accurate as other brands though. There may be slight variations in powder charges. The 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R are more consistant. I shoot the .223 in an AK and M17S.
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    0 I think it was PapaG who turned me on to this site,explained a lot about .223 ammo.I tried Wolf in my Colt ar,didn't like it at all.But my Mac90 and my Ruger P89 have no problems with it.
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