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  1. Need help is it real, any1 that can help me out with this 1. New to the site. Here some pics 20170824_000547.jpg 20170824_000611.jpg 20170823_224935.jpg 20170824_000547.jpg 20170824_000611.jpg 20170823_224935.jpg
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    No idea about the ring.

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    So what is the Honor Ring honoring?
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    German Waffen SS, but not sure about the authenticity. There's a lot of replicas of things out there. You'd need to take it to an actual WWII collector to have it appraised. They may need to do things like weigh it and determine what metal it's made of as well. Maybe compare it to known specimens.
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    I do not like the skull. Photos of the inscription are not good enuf to judge them. I would be Very doubtful of the originality of this one.

    I will add: It sure doe not campare well to my vet bring back that I got in the late 60s.
    Also - this is NOT a Waffen SS item! it is an Algemine/general SS item (which included the Waffen-SS).
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    personally: I don't want or need any reminder! A horrible sickened time in history

    The design of the ring reflects Himmler's interest in Germanic mysticism and includes the Totenkopf symbol and Armanen runes.

    Runes seen on the ring
    • One Sig Rune left and right of the skull framed by a triangle represent the power of the sun and conquering energy
    • A Hagal rune (framed by a hexagon) which represents the faith and camaraderie that was idealised by the leaders of the organisation. The esoteric meaning of the Hagal rune was, according to Guido von List, to: "...enclose the universe in you and you control the universe."
    • A Hakenkreuz (standing on the vertex) framed by a quadrat. The SS liked to portray the Swastika as another influential symbol of the power of the Aryan race.
    • The double runes on the rear of the ring framed by a circle were to be Heilszeichen (literally: signs of salvation) of the past. They were a creation of the SS designers rather than historical runes. They are a "gibor" rune plus a bind rune for "o" and "t". The bind rune was designed by Wiligut, and spells "Got" the Old High German word for God.[3]
    The ring is wreathed with oak leaves.
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    If you paid a lot I hope it's real. Third Reich items very collectible but often faked unfortunately screwing the unwary buyer.
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    Russian copy
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    I've never had any interest in Nazi memorabilia !!
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    Neophyte always brings the enlightenment.
    I have none to share, but a brief story to tell...
    I was at a military collectors show a few years ago. A Japanese trade delegation was in town, and attending the show at the same time I was. Most of the show was WW2 - related, with separate U.S., British, Nazi, and Japanese sections in the expo center. I was eavesdropping a bit on the Japanese attendees - who were around my age, mostly [mid-50's], and they showed very little interest in the Japanese display tables, but were in obvious puzzlement, as I was, regarding the number of tables & apparent enthusiasm around the Nazi memorabilia. I was discreetly eyeballing a gorgeous woman with a striking figure who was examining some of the items there, and when she was leaning down, I saw that she had a large swastika tattooed on her chest. Ugh. I don't get it.
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    One thing I can tell you for certain when dealing with Nazi "artifacts" or surplus it is one of the most faked and has the most replicas made than any other enemy of the world. That being said looking at your pictures the ring looks really rough more than 70+ years of neglect would cause.
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    I would have thought German designers would have come up with a better looking skull than that.
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    I'm sort of surprised they took an interest. Asia doesn't really have much stigma regarding Nazi stuff and you are likely to find Hitler costumes in party shops. Before my camera went missing I had a picture of a costume in Vietnam labeled "Sexy German Imperialist" that was a skimpy Nazi SS uniform. There's a whole cultural subgroup of young Japanese who dress up like Nazis as a fashion choice without realizing, or attributing to the fashion, a political viewpoint. This has spread to some of the other Asian countries as well.




    and Thailand:
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    New York
    If that ring is real (color me skeptical), it shows the kind of wear that only decades of daily wear would produce. That's why I have the reservations I do. Such a ring would have been worn proudly within the Reich, but would probably have been ditched or hidden when the war was lost. If (a big if) the owner managed to get out of Germany to South America and brought the ring with him to, say, Argentina, Uruguay, or Paraguay, he might have resumed wearing it openly and it could have acquired the wear it is showing. We would need more information on its history before we could offer an intelligent opinion.
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    I collect war time pieces at any opportunity, replica or otherwise.

    This includes civil war, WW2, cold war era russia, etc. I have some authentic german postage stamps featuring various emblems of the reich at the time, a reichsmark (spelling?), german soldier's pay stub, Afrika corps pith helmet insignia (1 of a 2 piece set,), and replica kreigsmarine flag. This doesn't include my model collection of axis vehicles.

    For my interests, it's about preserving history in as accurate a manner as possible. I make sure my real artifacts are distinguished from my replicas, so there's no bamboozling on my part. I have no support of the ideology of the nazi party or imperial japanese, but see value in archiving historical items, especially from critical points in world events.

    This mindset extends to a lot of random things I have in my 'mini museum'. I have a variety of fossils, arrowheads and other such items. I've always loved museums and being able to have my own tiny version is pretty neat.

    Having an understanding of historical accuracy is both educational and somewhat irritating. While it allows me to super-detail my model kits, I get frustrated when I find details omitted or completely incorrect, such as the hull of the 1/200 Battleship Iowa, or the lack of 1 row of shells on the 1/35th Tiger 1 interior tank kit. Se la vie, or however it's spelled.
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  17. Ain't that the truth! While you fellas may be absolute terrors about weapons, vehicle and military uniforms and medals and what not, I'm an absolute terror about just about everything else.

    Nothing escapes my notice. The Rev. War is a particular pet peeve. I can spot a mistake in a background piece that's on the screen for less than 30 seconds and it'll make my teeth itch for days! And please, for the sake of all our sanities...don't get me started on the clothing and uniforms of the period. I can spot a missing head cover, be it a hat, bonnet, or lacy little doily looking wisp of a kerchief on a lady's head in a nanosecond.

    Poorly or incorrectly tied stock? Guaranteed to annoy me. Buttons not evenly spaced...makes me nuts. I could go on, but I won't.
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    Look up the Gettysburg movie that Ridley Scott was part of...

    The uniforms were wrong, and often times perfectly clean when they were supposedly in field for months, Lee's horse was wrong color, the terrain is wrong, vegetation wrong, they concocted stories to fill the backgrounds of some characters who DID exist, but the background was guesswork...I was so excited for it to come out, then disgusted in the first ten mins that I skipped the rest.

    Big pile of horse manure.
  19. Thanks for the head's up. It's been on my list of movies to sit down and watch / study for a while now but knowing how badly the basics are FUBAR ed, I can give it a big miss and not have to complain about the amount of time I'll never get back.