SSG-69, SSG-04, or Steyr Elite?

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  1. I'm looking to buy a new rifle soon, and these are the three that Steyr offers that I really like. It will be used mainly to put holes in paper.

    They all have they're pro's and cons, I think. I already have an SBS ProHunter, and I like it a good bit. If I read correctly, both the SSG-04 and the Elite use the same SBS action. I have read that the SSG-04 has a some what flimsy stock, but I haven't read of it hurting the accuracy. The SSG-69 has some small issues that I have read about, mainly the trigger guard and magazine well being cheap and cracking, largely due to cleaning chemicals.

    Then there is the Elite. I haven't read anything negative on it. I have also seen a couple range reports saying it's a sub .50 MOA rifle.

    Anyone have experience with these rifles? If so, please share! Also, if you have any other rifles that are south of $2500 and are comparable, even ones not made by Steyr, I am open to ideas. Thanks!
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    My SSG69 dates back to when they were Steyr-Diamler-Puch. No cracks or anything. The newer model rifles are pretty snazzy but they aren't as trim and handy as the original. Plus I like having the iron sights.
    McMillan makes stocks for the SSG69,and you can still buy replacements from Steyr.
    I am also exploring the possibility of making a steel or alloy trigger guard/mag well group for market as well as for my own use, maybe make a 3d printer copy see how that works, or maybe MIM, if I can find someone to help me get that done.
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    There are a number of the SSG 69 rifles at CDNN Sports. I really want the 20" barrel with the double trigger. Just gotta sell some stuff!!!