St Louis Rams Stadium Evacuated - Breaking News!

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    St Louis Rams Stadium Evacuated - Breaking News!
    AP - St. Louis, MO - Edward Jones Dome Evacuated

    What was at first believed to be a substance left over from this morning's mock terrorism drill for local emergency response teams led to the evacuation of the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis today. The Rams' playing field was sealed off for nearly two hours when one of the players, on his way to the locker room, happened to look down and notice a suspicious-looking, unknown white powdery substance on the field. Head coach Mike Martz immediately suspended practice while the FBI was called in to investigate.

    After a complete field analysis, the FBI determined that the white substance unknown to the players was the goal line.

    Practice was resumed when FBI Special Agents decided that the team would not be likely to encounter the substance again.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Haaaa! Too funny, definately aren't playing like expected. Even the Detroit Lions have won a game! DA BEARS!

  3. Could of sworn that you were talking about the Cowboys. They would have been on their hand and knees snorting the stuff.
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  4. Wayne

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    Yep Alan Don't know what to think about those Cowboy fans. Had 2 tickets to a Cowboys game laying on the dash of my truck Someone broke the window to my truck & threw 4 more tckets in there!!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Wow, that is bad! :D :D Da Bears!


  7. Mick

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    Too funny, the NRL grand finals are this weekend, one of the teams hasn't been in the finals for 27 years, and the others last won in 95, should be interesting.

    NRL: national Rugby League.
  8. Oxford

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    Mick:I've never seen a full game of rugby but it appears that whoever has the ball gets the hell beat out of them.

    That's about like our football(from our viewpoint) but doubt if you'll agree.(ha)

    The St Louis Rams stadium you referred to is about 250 miles due east of where I live. I-70 Hwy runs between our towns. We've got the Kansas City Chiefs who've been scoring a lot this season but don't have a defense(yet).

  9. Mick

    Mick G&G Addict

    Ox there's two different forms of Rugby, League or Union, but both of them are pretty darn rough, Rougher than your football of course, ha. Union is a much quicker game, and it's that rough that the players tape their ears onto the sides of their heads with duct tape to prevent removal whilst in a ruck, by the way I only watch these sports. I may be mad, but I'm not stupid!
  10. Oxford

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    We just bite off ears

    Our football players leave each others ears alone because they're inside a helmet. However, sometime our boxers bite off their opponents ears.(ha) I'm sure you're familiar with Mike Tyson, our criminal type heavyweight fighter.

    Oxford:D :nod:
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  11. Pumpkinheaver

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    The Rams are just getting the other teams hopes up. They are gonna win every game for the rest of the season!
  12. NRAJOE

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    The Rams are going down faster than a cheap hooker at a Shriners convention! :p DA BEARS!!!
  13. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Pumpkinheaver: I'm in partial agreement with you. The Rams may not win all of their future games but they'll be a good team this year.

    When their key players get off the disabled or injured list they'll be a much more competitive team.
  14. GARY D

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    Good god.... here I thought the Lions were the laughing stock of the NFL... no coach, no president, no owner, no players, highest payroll, oldest team... new stadium though.... and way overpriced tickets.
  15. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Gary D:

    There's always some team that's worse. Each week that tag goes to a different team. I thought for a while yesterday that the Chiefs were going to claim that title because of a total lack of passing defense.

    Oxford:nod: :D
  16. Tanasi

    Tanasi Guest

    Then you've got the Titans 1 and 4.

    I went to a few Rugby games and when I took the second guy to the hospital to get his ear sewn back on I decided that I'd seen enough.