STAG ARMS is leaving connecticut

Discussion in 'Stag Arms' started by K75RT, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. rando

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    Its a **** shame that there were quite a few gun manufacturers back in the day located in Connecticut. Many a rifle and shotgun came from there. Now its like they are not welcome and being pushed out. Should be the politicians and ridiculous laws pushed out.
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    New York
    old bones: I wish I could move out of NY and go to a gun friendly state. Maybe someday...

    Perhaps the same sort of thing that is stopping me: Obligations to the family.

    Junior is in one of the best programs for autistic children in the country. I have to put his needs first. But that does not mean I enjoy living in a Peoples Democratic Republic, because I do NOT; and I do not enjoy being trapped in a relationship that neither nourishes nor nurtures me, but which does support Junior.
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  3. old bones

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    Let's see. I'm very happily married for 43+ years. I don't want to bring my wife far and away from our kids and then I get sick and/or keel over and she is on her own. If something happens to me I need for her to have support she can trust reasonably close by.
  4. Jim Bridger

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    Stag Arms moved to Wyoming. Weatherby and Freedom Arms are located here. Magpul is relocating to Wyo.
    There are a number of gun writers and gunsmiths located here.

  5. jwrauch

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    I wonder what took them so long ???:confused:o_O:confused: