Stand up for your self Arizonians

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    "Has the Justice Department considered how state laws will be impacted?" said Schumer (D-N.Y.). "As for New York, we require strict licensing and registration of handguns. And for good reason. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if New York City had Arizona's gun laws, Times Square would look like the OK Corral. And that's not OK."

    I would call my legislator over this dipsh&t's statement.
  2. Klaus

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    I think a comparison of crime rates is in order here.

  3. What the hell does that commie know, hell he's a democrap!
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    Hay I'm from NY we have to put up with this A## hole every day.
    maybe turning NY city into the ok corral would be a good thing kill off a bunch of liberals and democrats maybe the rest of us in NY would get our votes counted.
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    Colt, I really sympathize for you. That idiot is living proof that gun control DOESN'T work. How people like him make it in office is beyond me. I really hate that guy, and he seems to like the fact that people hate him so much. He even looks like a snake, though snakes serve a better purpose.
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    Just a silly observation...England has stricter gun laws than NY. Englands crime rate NOW surpasses NY's..NY and D.C. Have strick gun laws..and they also have high crime rates...hummm I wounder if this could be a trend....naw Im sure that polaticians know better than me...
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    I don't know about that I think you hit the nail right on the head.Think about it.
    Criminals and polititions not to far apart.
    Criminals like unarmed victims
    Politions like unarmed pesants
    I think that just about says it all.
    As for Schumer being liveing proof that gun control DOESN'T work I think its more like birth control that din't work in his case.
    The brain parts from Dady dribled down momys leg ( never got there ya know)