STAR B 9mm??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 9, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Anyone have any experience with the STAR pistols..modle B, BM super Bs? I see them for sale soemthimes C&R sometimes not....just wanted some input..thanks.
  2. jerry

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    no first hand experience, but iv'e been told they are solid, good shooters. 'course I just read where chelsia clinton was some sort of sex symbol. lol.

  3. GaryG

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    Stars are good guns. I've used a BKM and PD over the years and have always found them satisfactory. Star also made some good little .22 pistols in past years, the model FR being one I've always liked.

    The big 9mm Largo autos that you see on the surplus market are well-made guns, but some have seen heavy use. They are a good gun for the price. Replacement grips, new recoil spring and maybe a 9mmP barrel can really dress them up.

    I don't have any personal knowledge on the DA Star pistols, but they seem like a good design. I'd rather have a Star than a Llama or an early S&W auto. Bottom line - buy a Star. They're good guns.
  4. FireStar

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    Star B 9mm

    Don't know anything about the Star B 9mm, but I do know about my own personal carry which is a Fully Combat Customized (Star) FireStar .40 S&W. Including the cost of the original firearm, I have approx $1,200 wrapped up in it.

    I flared out the mag well more than it was already.. coned the hammer.. checkered the rear slide face.. milled the rear slide serrations.. tuned & adjusted the extractor.. radiused & melted the slide/frame front.. reduced the strength on the thumb safety plunger spring.. radiused & honed the slide stop/release.. had a heavier hand-made sear spring installed.. honed the trigger pull from factory 8.5 pounds to just over 4 pounds.. reversed crowned the muzzle.. tightened & lapped the frame to slide assembly.. reduced the muzzle rise & recoil with 'Auto-Porting'.. had 'Trijicon Tritium 3 Dot' night sights installed.. and had 'Ni-Tex' matt finish applied.

    Well as you can see, if I didn't feel that Star wasn't worth it... I wouldn't have put as much into it as I have.

    For me... It's the Best!!
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  5. I have owned the Star BM9mm the BKM 9mm and have shot the PD(45). All are good shooters and for the money are very tuff to beat.

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  7. Logansdad

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    Buddy of mine has two...he has over fourty guns. He likes the heck out of them...I respect his opinion.
    Hope this helps.
  8. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Thanks All. My local club is starting IDPA and most of my toys are not right for it....I still think the 454 should be allowed but thats just me :). I played with my Wifes Star and it shot prety well. I was looking at the Star or the Bollista just to get started to see if I liked it. I decided to go with the 9mm since ammo is cheeper per 1000 than the 45acp. I looked at some used Glocks, HKs and a New CZ 75 but got sticker shock and the $$ aint a free as it has been lately. Especialy since the IRS is kinda mad at me over the last few years of taxes...Will probly shoot this weekend with wifee poos pistol if they have the IDPA sunday and order one for me next payday.
  9. peter687169

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    Star 9mm.

    The Star 9mm is an excellant pistol. It is light weight , comfortable and easy to use. It has good balance and little kick making it accurate when rapid firing. Add to that easy cleaning ,easy to maintain and easy on the pocket. Made in Spain .
  10. samuel

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    Star B,s are good guns,depending on what shape they are in.I see Jerry needs some R&R. ,,,sam.
  11. the_cevelised

    the_cevelised G&G Newbie

    i have a tried a starb 9mm
    and all what i can say is that it is excellent
  12. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    let me suggest the Star Model 30M for IDPA, it's about the same size as a Beretta 92.
    15 rounds per mag. Shoots like a DREAM :)

    The Firestar, BM, & Ultrastar in 9mm are nice bargains as well :)

    The Model B is a single-action...which means you have to carry it "Cocked & locked" for CCW...
    not optimal. Or thumb-cock it with a round in the chamber to prepare to fire your first shot...

    GET Parts HERE!

    Star | Numrich Gun Parts Corp. |

    Star closed in 1997, but fortunately IPARGUNS got the remaining inventory of spare parts & some of the CNC machinery to make more.
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  13. toolman

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    Wow, this thread was started just a few months after I joined G&G back in 2002!
  14. PAPA G

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    yeah...and wheres DogLips at now???:11:

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    Star model B was my first Star I owned. Highly accurate and solid to say the leas. The only thing I noticed was it liked hot rounds. It did FTE with light rounds every now and then but not much. I would love to own another one.
  16. Big Dog

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    Mine is the Star Modelo Super - with a set of Toolman's superb custom grips. 9mm Largo, and decently accurate. I really like the quick take-down feature, and the Browning cam lug locking system, instead of the Colt swinging-link.
    I have it modified to shoot .38 Super, but have finally gotten a couple hundred 9X23 brass, to load at 9mm Largo specs.

    Star also made some nice little .22 pistols, the F series. I still hope to find a decent deal on one sometime.

    Doglips seems to have disappeared shortly after the hurricanes ravaged his AO in central Florida, a few years back. Maybe he'll find his way back one day.