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    Star Model A - 9x25, barrel link (1911 type)
    Star Model A Super - 9x25, cam (P35 type)
    Star Model B - 9x19, barrel link (1911 type)
    Star Model B Super - 9x19, cam (P35 type)
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    I thought you were talking about Alpha Centauri...I was looking forward to a lesson on Europa

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    Proxima Centauri comes closer than Alpha or Beta Centauri. Europa is, of course, one of Jupiter's moons. For an interesting star system, check out 55 Cancrid. I wish scientists would quit making stupid, unwarranted assumptions. They are trying to greatly revise the planetary system formation model because several stars have been discovered with massive planets orbiting closely, much closer than the model predicts for the formation of gas giants. It does not occur to them that the planets may not be gas giants. Same thing with neutrino emissions from the sun. Neutrino levels, detected on Earth, are only about 2/3 of what the model of the sun predicts. However, the only measurements taken are from Earth, which lies on the ecliptic plane. It does not occur to physicists that neutrino emissions may not be uniform over the surface of the sun. It is an assumption on their part, so now the are still trying to figure out what is wrong with their calculations. If any of you know an astrophysicist, please forward this message. I hate it when smart people act stupid.
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    heather locklear, marilyn monroe, jayne mansfield, jeri ryan, dolly parton they's stars too or was.
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    Hi Klaus,

    To which we can add:

    Model Super - 9x23, cam,
    Model A - 7.63 Mauser, barrel link
    Model S - 9 mm Corto, barrel link
    Model S Super - 9 mm Corto, cam
    Model SS - 9 mm Corto, barrel link

    It’s interesting to note Star apparently abandoned the cam take down and returned to the removable slide stop serving as the slide and barrel retention device.

    Also, and no offense intended, but note the ‘9x23’ rather than ‘9x25’. 9x25 would be the 9 mm Mauser Export :)

    Warm regards,

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    OK, I could be wrong about the dimensions of the 9mm Largo round. I will take your word that it is 9x23.
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    Just DO NOT get it mixed up with the 9x23 round that was chambered in some 1911A1s in an attempt to replicate the .357 Magnum round in that about a recipe for disaster...can you say Excessive Chamber Pressure ?...I knew you could
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    greetings, an add to list; model pd, model bm , m-28m , m-30m, m-30pk, m-31pk, firestar m40, m43, m-45, mega star 45. respt submitted dadsfreehold
  10. Too late-- I am already mixed up.
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    What else is new alan?:p ;)
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    Ahhhh Shucks.......

    You guys make me feel so warm inside talking about my "Favor-Rite" pistol.......... STAR! (LOL)
  13. It was a joke a joke a joke and another stupid post--thanks.