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    Ok, so am I the only one who saw Episode II so far?

    I think the similarities are striking between the Galactic Republic, the Roman Republic, and the US. How power hungry people are pulling strings from afar to get their way...

    I said it before on the old forum, I think Hillary Clinton is Darth Siddeous.

    So what do you guys think? I think Star Wars may be what this generation needs to wake up.

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    I saw it

    Great movie. Yoda was a bad mofo. I hear libs didn't like the first one because they saw the way the politics of the movie made them look. The second had a good political tone also. Palpatine reminds me of Klinton.
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    Libs were actually complaining of how Episode I portrayed them? In other words, they themselves associated with the bad guys and then complained that they were being portrayed as bad guys? Something seems really screwed up here.

    BTW, you all know that Darth Sideous is Palpatine, right?

    Picture, if you will...

    Powell (Windu): We found the mysterious being... it was a Klinton.
    Cheney (Yoda): Always two, there are, a master and an apprentice.
    Powell: But which one was destroyed, the master, or the apprentice?
    Camera zooms out to Hillary.

    I'll always remember with disgust how a Baptist choir sang Battle Hymn of the Republic at Bill Clinton's innaguration (note: I love BHOTR, I love most Baptists, but to have them celebrate Klinton is what disgusts me). Some day, I'd love to see a marching band greet Hillary Clinton with the Imperial march, and a choir sing the Darth Sideous/Emperor theme.
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    Emperial march

    Rush use to play the Emperial march for Janet Reno news. It was so hillarious.

    The new Star Wars
    Janet Reno as Suetobacco the wookie
    Hillary as the evil master Darth Hideous
    Her willing apprentice Darth Stains William Klinton
    Rosie O as Han H**o
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    When the third trio of episodes are made, we have Charlton Heston portray Obie wan Kenobie. I'll be about the right age to play the Wookie! Just give me time to let my hair grow. LOL
    Al Gore is stiff enough to play C3PO, and about as nuerotic, too.
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    I haven't seen it yet but I have already seen fox news a couple of nights ago when a guy started pulling the race thing with Mexicans saying there was a undertoned reference to them
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    I recall some PC wags trying to draw some link between the portrayal of the Gungans with some supposed racial slurs against Carribean Islanders. I couldn't see the resemblance. Jar Jar Binks as a Jamaican Rastafarian? Nah, just can't see it. :confused:
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    Pulling race with Mexicans? Jango Fett looks Hispanic, and thus all clones of him would be too... Don't wanna give too much away... But they tout him as the ultimate person to copy. Makes no sense to me why anyone would interpret it as anti-Hispanic. Maybe evil people will complain that it's anti-evil, and they'd have a good case.

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    Firts I've heard of this. Actually the Fetts are from the Polynesian part of this world.