Startum munchies. My Honda has a tummy ache.

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    1986Trx 250 dead in water -No spark
    After electrical trouble shooting found that the flywheel & stator were munched, problem was the electric starter shaft seized, some how a couple broken teeth made there way into the rotating magnet and created all sorts of havioc.
    Q:Anybody have a starter take out the Flywheel & friends before?
  2. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ G&G Evangelist

    Flywheel is finally off.

    I bought a flywheel puller from our local hardware store, they stock some Honda parts and aftermarket tools, the threaded stub cost me $16.this is what it looks like when the starter drive spur gear dropps teeth down on the flywheel, the magents snatch them right in where they scuff the factory finnish a generally cause all sorts of mayham.The pics are my Nokia cam/phoneThe rotor & magentsView of the starter clutch on the back side the flywheel, it looks like a roller bearing but its not.
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    Labor Day revival and its downward spiral afterwards

    Friday we received a box from WLK village, had all the important stuff needed to get the TRX 250-A running, Labor Day the rain let off enough to work outside on the ATV, My oldest daughter helped, she made the replacement side cover gasket (old calinder back), scraped old gasket and wiped down parts and changed the motor oil while I swapped in the replacement parts, took part the afternoon as we went through everything, got it assembled and running by 19:30
    took it for a spin and was all prep'd for the next day lots to do as the rains started up again, let in the dogs as they were in sad shape.

    07:15 we rolled out the house to heavy rain to start the full day of planned things to do useing the ATV, turned the corner the house and ...No ATV, seems in the night some thoughtfull person decided to unhitch the trailer and push the ATV down the street to a darkend area where they could butcher up the ignition wireing attempting
    to hotwire, they gave up due to heavy rain, they dident get far and managed to twist/shear off all the wires from the back the key switch...I still have to get some solder, I'll try to solder the wires back on the switch.