State Anti-hoarding laws

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    Hi everyone here. I'm sorry that my first posting as a newbie is to start a new thread. But when I performed a search for this subject, I didn't find anything pertaining to it.

    Anyway, on another forum we were discussing this article on survivalism, Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare (AP) : Yahoo! Green
    To make a long story short, some members of the forum mentioned that some states have laws against having excess amounts of food stored and if someone did, they can have said "excess" confiscated by the authorities.

    Does anyone know which states have such laws? The only one I have been able to find that does is Hawaii.:feedback:

    Again thanks and sorry for this being my first posting.
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    stocking up is not hording.but keep your mouth shut.

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    Never heard of that one before but it falls right next to taking my guns. LOL Using my guns to defend my food. That's a new one. By the way, welcome to the forum, I hope we'll see a lot of you in the future.

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    find it @ Florida's WIC site

    Libertarian: Sir; Welcome from NC

    Most of this law can be read from Florida WIC program which allows not greater than a 1 year supply
    It's called something like ''Vendor Agreement 2008''
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Your thread presents a different direction.
    I can't think of any state that would try to pull such a stunt.
    Hawaii not withstanding.

    Do you have a link, Neo?
    Might be an interesting read.
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    oldjarhead: Sir; my links never seem to work.

    The address is: www.doh,state.fl/Family/wic/Documents/SampleVendor_Agreement2008-2009.pdf
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    Welcome to the food?
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    Welcome to G&G. We have a lot of nice folks here. Glad to have you join us.
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    How on earth could it be against the law to keep an overstocked of the free...hello. I sure hope that's a rumor and not actually a BS law.
  10. One good lightning strike and that wood pile is ashes.
  11. Apparently, given the recent trend toward gun confiscations in a disaster, all illegal, I'd say the "authorities" will ignore the law, whatever it is.

    Silence is golden.
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    The Supreme Court ordered Us Citizens to IGNORE any law that is Unconstitutional...Seems to fit here adequately enough...
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    Welcome :)

    I agree with Moose ! ^^^
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    +1 to moose and TX
    Welcome to the forum
  15. When did this occur and where could one find a copy or read this? I'd love to have it and use it if and when they try to take our guns.

    Um sorry dude, I see this as unconstitutional and I will not obey it. lol
  16. Same here what GlockMeister said. That would be a great discussion !

    I'll tack a copy on my frontdoor.

    And Liber...... WELCOME to GUN and GAME feller !!! GLAD to have you aboard !
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    I believe it is "Norton Vs. Shelby county"...
    I'll see if I can find the link !
    " Quote from the Supreme Court..."An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.
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    Now that's one to keep bookmarked!

    Thanks, Rich.
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    I like that ruling, since the idjits in DC have been passing so many BS laws! It seems they come up with the crap as justification for their existence. "Look at us, we're passing crap to keep you safe"!
  20. Hi Libertarian from someone who is . . .

    mostly Libertarian. Stock up but do not advertise the fact.
    This applies to food and guns/ammo/shooting supplies along
    with emergency water purification devices plus emergency
    medical supplies.

    It is not against the law and it is common sense.