Stay away from walls.

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    This was interesting in my opinion.

    While investigating a shooting recently I observed and learned something that I had always heard, but never seen. BULLETS WILL RIDE WALLS! I SWAT officer once trained me to stay off walls. Now I know exactly why. I remember in the book Blackhawk Down reading where a Delta Op had to remind a Ranger of this fun fact during the firefight.

    Here's what happened. Dude drives by his ex's house and pumps three rounds of Winchester 9mm Ball FMJ into the house. While nobody was hit, I was amazed at the path one bullet took.

    The round entered above a second story window (shooter is shotin up towards the second floor from the ground), travels upward and hits the sheetrock ceiling. Instead of plowing into the sheet rock and stopping, it literally turned parallel to the ceiling and "rode" it into the far wall, where it came to rest. The round left a nice "skid mark" along the length ceiling.

    I thought this was interesting. Sheet rock is soft, what would happen with cinderblock walls in a school. Could be a major factor for a school officer or an officer responding to a school.Food for thought.......
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  2. Shaun

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    We used to practice this except with ground level shots. You shoot at the ground and the bullet kicks up and rides at 6" above ground level -- I took a rabbit out one day doing this -- basically it serves to take out the BG's feet

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    Handgun and rifle bullets will do this, but buckshot is notorious for it. I know of an officer killed by this exact phenomenon. We teach officers responding to schools, hospitals, etc. to keep this in mind!
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    there was a program on recently investigating the death of a teen at a shooting range, the bullet defeated the berm, went through the metal wall, glanced off of the cieling tile in a downward trajectory striking the victim in the temple as he sat on a chair waiting his turn ON THE AIR GUN RANGE. they were fairly neutral in reporting didn't put too much blame other than where it belonged, on the poor design and up keep of the range. The bullet by the way,,,,.45 ACP 200gn LSWC. The father was pretty shook up, he made the kid get out of bed to go practice that day instead of sleep in. shows what part fate plays in our lives. when it's time to go, it's time to go.
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    Yep that's the first two things we are trained to avoid, The 'fatal funnel' and the walls. But remember, that works both ways if you're in the dark. Good Shooting! Eric
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    As spec-op police officers, we derive our training directly from military. Fatal Funnel is the big one. Get thru that door FAST! But, I don't see a lot of training being dedicated to how deadly a wall can be. Human nature says, "Hug the nearest cover..." Hard habbit to break!
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    Jerry, What channel was that show on??? I saw the show too and was amazed at how that poor kid died. The show made me thing of range design and maintenance.
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    I wish I could remember for sure, I want to say Discovery or something. The focus was on scientific forensic investigation. If I catch it again, as they re-run. I'll cut a post here.
    My wheels were turning too, I have never looked at any range and taken it for granted since.
  9. The best way to take out spec ops teams is to have good intel and catch then en route. If they are pumped and ready, it's best to leave the scene and wait or another chance.

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    Kinda like rushing an ambush. Not an easy thing to get used to.
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    Stopper you have been trained in that too huh? How about shooting into a car many people don't know if you are shooting through a windshield that the bullet is dragged into a downward direction when entering the vehicle but if you are shooting from the outside the bullet will pass straight through.
  12. Stopper

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    Very interesting. What causes the downward drag?
    Does the same hold true for side windows?

    Ya, I miss it very badly. The mind is willing but the body is a whole 'nother story.
  13. Shaun

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    Same here on missing the work -- The downward drag is due to the angle of the glass which causes resistance on the bullet, we tested it a few times on the FD's old tear down cars and it held true. My guess is that it is due to the extra laminate on the glass side windows are like paper straight through.