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Steel 30-06 ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by greyrifle, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. greyrifle

    greyrifle G&G Newbie

    Has anyone tried the Russian steel cased 30-06 and if so, what is
    your opinion?
  2. I have heard from several sources that it isn't good to shoot in M1s. I did buy a box (couldn't resist the low price) and shot it in my '03. The lacquer on the shells really started sticking up my bolt asnd action after a few rounds and the barrel warmed up. No more!

    If you can locate Talon, it's not that much more. If you have a hundred bucks to burn, there's always the CMP.

  3. greyrifle

    greyrifle G&G Newbie

    Thanks, I think I'll pass on this ammo even if the price is right!

  4. I had a friend of mine shoot this in his Garand and a few of the caseing broke right off in the chamber. Its bullshit ammo for the Garand. I would use it in a bolt action.
  5. Gus L.

    Gus L. G&G Newbie

    Commie block steel cased ammo is made for Commie guns.
    U.S. rifles are designed for brass cased ammo. Nuff said...:D