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Sten / Greasegun Copies!?!?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BAT21, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. I noticed what appeared to be a copy of a "greasegun" in a gunstore yesterday but didn't get a chance to find out the manufacturer. I also noticed that "Special Weapons" is producing a S&W mdl 76 copy which I believe takes Sten magazines -
    the questions -
    Are these guns worth buying for speculation or home defense?
    where can I get them?( I have a friend with an FFL)
    which is more practical in terms of reliability, replacement parts?
    how much should I expect to pay?

  2. Ther Greasegun copy you saw might be a valykrie arms I wanted one in the worse way but couldn't find one or anyone that shot one so I bought a Special weapons SW45.

  3. The one in the store was the valkyrie - do you recall the price of the valkyrie arms model and can you tell me what the special weapons model is going for? How well does it shoot?
  4. The Special weapons is more expensive. They run between 1400.00-2,000.00 new depending on where you look. Since you have a friend with an FFL you should be able to get one towards the lower end of the spectrum. I one I have is the SW45 which looks like the MP5 except is .45 cal. It has all HK parts except for the receiver and takes modified Greasegun mags. The gun is very reliable and out to 65-80 yds is as accurate as anything out there. So far mine has shot about 400 rds and I am still in the "break in" stage. The M3a1 costs about 825.00 to 900.00 range. Like I said before I would have rather found one of those although I must say I am very happy with what I have now. If you buy one of the greaseguns please let me know how you like it.