Stevens .25 long rim fire cartridges

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  1. I have a friend who just got a Stevens favorite in the .25 long rim fire cartridge. I there any body making these rounds? Looks like the shorts work in the rifle, but i think this guy wants the longs if possible. I saw one place selling [1] round for $3.75. Thanks for any help.

  2. never heard of that round either. I have to say 3.75 a shot is pretty insane. For that amount you could have fun with a .50 calibur lol.
  3. I should have put .25 Stevens Long rim fire, a round that was introducted by Stevens around 1900. It's like a big brother to the .22 long rifle. The obsolete stuff makes for some high prices, I think my FRIEND is just wanting to shoot a couple and keep the rest with the gun.
    There was a .25 short too. I was something on these in the gun broker, already sold.:34:
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  4. Sorry you didnt get your rifle. If you keep looking you might find another one it would be a cool show piece.
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    That is an Obsolete Cartridge and The cartridges are collector Items...
    Google collector cartridges, there are some dealers that specialize in that stuff, but buy em fast if it becomes available...Demand exceeds the availability !
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    Google up Old Western Scrounger - they carry the old and oddball stuff. But you will pay dearly for it - IF they have it.
  7. It's strictly a wall-hanger, hope he didn't think he'd be able to use it. Never even heard of a .25 rim fire, has to have been out of production for ....oh, I dunno, almost a century?
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  8. Hey, some good news. I emailed OWS (Old Western Scroundrel). Dixie quickly replied to me that they didn't have any ammo but thought another supplier of hard to find ammo had a "batch" made recently. Will try to make contact tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Thanks Rich and Big Dog. I'll let you know what takes place. I'm sure it's not going to be pretty [$$$] :) The gun has new wood and is in pretty good shape. My Favorite .22 was made the first year, it has a very shot-up bore. The corrosive ammo back then took a toll on the riflings. Neat little guns. Later...
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    Almost right.The listings I get are:tipup rifles,.25stevens,mfg,1870s to 95,and Stevens #12 Marksman in .25long,mfg 1912-1933.Model 1915 Favorite in .22,.25,and .32,mfg 1915 to 1940.These all have collectors value. sam.
  10. Well my friend got a box of .25 short rimfire [50] rounds on order, I think he said it was a C note=$100. The box might be worth $20 or more, kind of depends on the age, shape and brand. I guess he's happy. He's keeping the ammo with the gun for collector-ablity. :)
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    Stevens .25 ammo

    It is very rare to find this ammo anywhere but I came across two boxes (100 rds). 50 from Remington and 50 from Peters. Looks great and my gun dealer will sell them for $1 per round. They are all new in the original boxes but the boxes are NOT for sale. I collect those and I get them if he sells the ammo. I don't think you can buy this any where for that price, it's usually double that or more.
  12. Thanks Gunads, I'll let my friend know, but I think he's done "getting" his supply of this ammo. $1 per round sounds decent for what we have found!
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    i have a stevens .25 long with a number of 63 on the botom.i wondered how old it is.i also have about half a box of rounds.i know they are old and won't fire them.i know better,it was my dads.any info woulcontact me via email [email protected] be appriciated.
  14. I have 1 .25 Stevens Long Rimfire shell in my collection. Picked it up off the floor at a gunshop\tv repair place on Rt 229 in Ohio about 27 years ago and the shop owner gave it to me.
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  15. I'm assumming that you have a Favorite or one of the other style Stevens. If the 63 is the rifle's serial number than I susppect that it was made the 1st year, 1894. Hopefully someday there will be someone reproducing the old 25 and 32 rim fire ammo that alot of these guns used. :)
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    that is the only numbers on it.they are located under the lever.on the barrel it says 25 stevens.i hope this helps.thank you for the info.
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    Is it possible to sleeve the barrel for .22LR?
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    Here are some .25 Rimfire Cartridges out of my collection.


    Left to right:
    .25 Bacon & Bliss blank - UMC
    .25 Bacon & Bliss - UMC
    .25 Stevens Short - Dominion
    .25 Stevens Short - UMC
    .25 Stevens Short - Peters
    .25 Stevens Long - UMC
    .25 Stevens Long - United States Cartridge Company
    .25 Stevens Long Shot - UMC