Stevens Model 35 Bolt action .22short,long,long rifle

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  1. rl356

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    I have been looking around on the net for awhile and have been unsuccessful at finding out any information on it. Anyone know of the appoximate year of production, or any sites that I could try to possibly find out? Also, does anyone own this particular model and what are your experiences with it?
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    Not familiar with a bolt action (assuming you're talking about a rifle) Stevens Model 35. The only Stevens 35 I've ever seen in person was called a "off-hand" and it was an older pistol. Sorry I can't help.

  3. rl356

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    Yes, I'm taking about a rifle. It's stamped Stevens .22 cal short, long, long rifle. Model 35. I ran in to exactly what you mentioned about the "off hand" pistol when I was attempting to find information about it on the net. Possibility that this rifle was stamped incorrectly?
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    There was a Savage Model 35 bolt-action .22 rifle. Perhaps yours is a Savage, marketed as a Stevens. This is not unheard of. These are priced as shooters, with no apparent collector value. I can't find dates of manufacture.
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    Old thread but I have been looking for info. The Stevens model 35 rifle was made from 1980 to 1984. It was my first rifle and is a tack driver at 50 yards. Any one have any additional info?
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    A friend of mine had one of these rifles that he simply gave away to me. They sold for about $55 new back in the early to mid 80's, mostly from department stores like Sears, JCPenneys and Montgomery Ward. Apparently there was also a .22 Magnum version, the 35M. These rifles are crudely made and often have an atrociously heavy trigger (I keep thinking the safety is on, when it isn't), but aside from that mine shoots straight and is reliable. They didn't last long on the market because there were so many other brands out there that were marketed better. When Montgomery Ward went out of business and Sears & JCPenneys stopped selling sporting goods it pretty much killed off the Stevens 35 and similar store-brand .22 rifles. Parts and spare magazines are pretty tough to find as well nowadays, but given the fact it's such a cheap rifle to begin with there isn't much interest in them anymore except as something to leave in a winter cabin or the back of a pickup truck.
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