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  1. A local arms dealer is selling Steyr M9-A1 9mm pistols. I haven't seen or handled them yet but they are supposed to be new condition. hard case, 2 - 15 rd. mags, cleaning kit and manual included. His price is $399

    I know very little about this gun so i'm using my G&G resources. Does this sound like a fair price? What are these guns like? Any info can help.

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    i have the 40S&W and love it. thats about what i paid for mine used.

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    I have had one for about 6 years and it is one of my favorite guns to shoot. A bit large for CC but a all around sweet 9MM...
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    I bought one from Cabela's for $399 about a month ago. Not sure about the one you're looking at, but if it is imported by PW Arms (stamped as such) it is reportedly a combination of previous- and current-generation components, originally part of a Mideast (UAE?) military contract that fell through mid-production. Some people have encountered extractor problems, which Steyr has corrected under warranty, but others have no issues. At around 450 rounds through mine, I've had two FTFs and FTE, which is quite reasonable. You might want to visit the Steyr Club forum for more details.

    I like the trapezoidal sights and the balance of the Steyr, as I think the combination of the two makes me a better shooter. I prefer 124gr ammo, specifically Speer Lawman 124gr FMJ for practice and Remington Golden Saber +P JHP for defense, as they seem to shoot the most consistently in this gun.
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    I got 2 M40s would not trade or sell The price is fair.
  6. I bought a 9mm M-A1 three weeks ago for $525. It was new. It is a wonderful pistol! I have huge hands and the Steyr fit my hand better than anything else did. I am VERY happy with my new pistol.