Steyr M95 carbine

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  1. I got a Steyr M95 8X56 carbine today.

    The dang thing has/had so much cosmo on and in it that it would make a wheel bearing mechanic proud.

    I got the gun apart as far as I need to go EXCEPT the bolt.

    If I work the firing pin back and forth cosmo comes out of it like a chicken laying eggs at a egg laying contest.

    Can someone turn me on to a site that describes step by step proceedures to take the bolt apart?

    Better yet, if someone knows where to lay my hands on an internet download of the whole manual, I would be eternally grateful.

    BTW, I have about 80% of the cosmo out of it and the gun looks really nice so far.

    When I as looking the gun over I couldn't figure out what the opening on the underside, rear of the magazine well, was for until I read in another site that they fed the gun with stripper clips from the top and the clips would fall out of this opening onto the
  2. i don't have any internet sources but since i have one i can tell you how take the bolt apart.

    1. turn the bolt head counter clockwise (front view) into it's locked position.

    2. pull the cocking piece to the rear and unscrew it counter clockwise make sure you keep rearward presssure on it while you're unscrewing it.

    3. now turn the bolthead clockwise till the smaller lug passes under the extractor, then pull out the extractor(is slides out to the front, but might take a little "persuation'')

    4. now pull out the bolt head/striker assembly toward the front.

    5. to take out the striker and spring just unscrew the nut at the rear of the bolthead.
    Hope this helps you out some i'll try and dig up an online manual for you.

  3. 8MM,

    Thanks so much!

    ......'preciate it...fer sure.

    Hope I can return the favor some day..........yepper.
  4. No problem man, think nothin' of it!
    i'm sure i'll find my self in some sort of firearms related tough spot soon enough (i have a no.4 mk.1 i'm waiting on, stupid kalifornia waiting period!) so you can get me back then LOL :D :D