Steyr M95 Range Report

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 11, 2008.

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    Well made it to the range today and shot 13 rds through my M95. It felt pretty good. Not too bad of a kick for being such a light rifle. The only problem I had was the very first round I shot the case got stuck and the extractor on the bolt wouldn't grab it. But the rest were flawless. I just dropped the cleaning rod on my Mosin M44 down the barrel and got it out, so it was a piece of cake.

    As for its accuracy, I was probly about 10-12 yds or so shooting at paper targets. Took a few guns over there with my dad, his dad, and my grandma's brother. My grandpa wasn't impressed with it, because he couldn't fathom how the bolt didn't come back and hit me in the face. I offered him to shoot it, but he declined. I showed him how it worked, and told him they wouldn't have made it if it hit people in the face lol. Anyways, it shot high on the point I was aiming at. Its hard to tell right now, I was shooting offhand and kneeling as to how good of groups are possible from it. Didn't have much time to set up a rest to try to hold it nice and still. My dad threw away the targets, so I don't have any pics. The groups were within a span of 6 inches wide, maybe 4 to 6 inches high. My dad shot it too, and said it wasn't too bad. But he liked my M44 better.

    So hopefully sometime again soon I"ll go back and set up a rest and try at some different distances. The barrel situation with the bore, I don't know. It might need to have some re-boring done? If I stick a round in the end of the muzzle, it just slips right in to the case neck. BUT, it hasn't been re-bored yet, there are grooves all the way to the end. But they are really worn, especially near the muzzle. Not so bad though until it gets to the muzzle. Maybe re-boring may be the best course of action? And I don't know how old the sucker is either. So if anyone has any ideas or knows where I can plug a serial number in I would be interested to know. Thanks.
  2. Just me, but that's the first range report on an M95 Styer. Very good Iron. Guess shes a close quarters weapon. Your talking about having the muzzle counter bored. Anything is possible to a machinist. She's a wall hanger alright.
    That's funny how ...."grandpa wasn't impressed with it, because he couldn't fathom how the bolt didn't come back and hit me in the face. I offered him to shoot it, but he declined"......
    That's funny!

  3. Hey nice report. Remember you are shooting at 10 to 12 yards. This is an old battle rifle. Its probably going to be a lot better at 100 yards. Try it then and see what groups you get. The one of mine was ranged at 200 yards. So was still off at 100 yards.
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    Yea, thats what I was thinking. Didn't have enough time to check at long distances today. But hopefully soon I will be back to the range, and will be able to get it set up better on a rest. But it was a good time.
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    Going to see if I can make it to the range Monday for my first M95 outing.