Steyr M95 re-finish complete w/pics

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 6, 2008.

  1. Iron_Colonel

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    Finally got it finished with 3 coats of BLO. Haven't re-blued the other three parts yet. I will do that probly on my days off. We'll see. As for the pics:







    I just now looked at the before and after pics for the first time, and it really was a drastic change in appearance. But, I like it and am satisfied with the results. The old finish was rough, and rubbed against my cheek, so it wasn't that comfortable. My ammo will be here on the 8th, so I am looking forward to that. Its nice and smooth now, and it looks pretty good. I sanded out some of the really deep gouges in it a little bit, to add a little bit more smoothness to it. But the numbers stamped in the stock are still there, I didn't want to sand those out. They can be seen in the last pic at the end of the butt of the stock, but are unreadable in the pic. They match the barrel and receiver. I can't find any numbers stamped on the magwell/trigger guard. Questions, comments welcome.
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    looks good.i refinished a stevens311 the same the look i wanted;like it belonged on the floor of a stagecoach,lol.