Steyr M95 second range report

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 25, 2008.

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    Well the inevitable has happened. I finally got my M95 back to the range to shoot from a farther distance. I also shot my newly acquired Mosin M38. But the M95's bore is pretty much shot out at the muzzle. So I am thinking it is about time to try a counter bore in it to hopefully enhance the accuracy. It was shooting all over. Its got a nice trigger so I couldn't have jerked it so far off. So I didn't even bother shooting at 100 yds. So I'll have to make some calls to see about a counter bore :/
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    Funny, I just took mine out for the first time today at fifty yards (My eyes won't see the dot at 100). I was shooting NICE groups using my home loads.

  3. First try some different types of rounds in it. Rifles like certain brands of ammo better.
    Second just check the muzzle and see if anything is burred or if the lands are bubba'd on one side or other. Sometimes you just need to even the crown to get it to 1 MOA.
    Third does it shoot better cold? And starts to wander as it heats up. If so you may have a barrel hitting the stock problem. Make sure the action is seated in the wood and if you grab the barrel it wont move up/down or front/back.
  4. Cap't, does the seating issue really make a pretty substantial difference?
    I have two or three rifles that tend to shoot better cold, and also don't laugh but my 91/30 actually wobbles a bit in the wood...
    Today it was 102 degrees when we were shooting so we definately felt the heat on the rifles!!!

    Take a look at my thread in M1 carbines and see if you might suggest anything with Moose and others...
  5. +1 with Capt'n about the ammo, crown and the bore. I dunno much about bedding really so I can't agree/disagree (not anything against that part Capt'n, I'm just noting that I have no personal experience there. lol) As for the counter-boring I would look that direction when all else fail such as different ammo, crown check ext.
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    Try this out for checking your crown. Before shooting, degrease the crown, then paint the entire crown with White Out or Liquid Paper and let it dry. Shoot a few rounds then look at the crown. Are the soot marks equal all the way around? If they are, your crown should be OK. If the marks are not equal on all sides, you need to recrown.

    Sorry, I can't claim to have invented this one.