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Steyr Mannlicher Model L ... no-brainer/must-buy deal is a scam!

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I've had my eye on a couple of these rifles which have sold in the $1300-$1600 range and have unwilling to part with that much money for them. One I just looked at was $1399 and appeared to have a refinished stock with blotchy stain and the skip line checkering was sanded to the point the that borders were almost invisible on the grip. I could easily refinish the stock but the checkering is a different story and expensive to have redone. The logical side of my brain says I shouldn't have to refinish a $1400 rifle to look presentable. I tried to negotiate the price down to cover someone restoring the checkering but the seller wouldn't budge but $50.

So this Model L comes up in a google search ... for $600. Good Golly Miss Molly!

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The seller's website claims they are a brick and mortar gun shop with a gun range and mostly handguns and a few tactical rifles. They are offering this Steyr Mannlicher Model L in .22-250 (neat).

It appears all original and nicely kept. The description says the rifle has 85% of it's blueing intact with no real wear but some areas have taken on a plum color (rust under the blueing). There is light wear only on the stock. The plum discoloration actually adds a lot of character on a vintage rifle.

The ad describes the barrel rifling as excellent but having some frosting from the muzzle down about 4". According to the description, they test fired w. a 6x scope at 150 yds and got consistent 1-1/2" groups. The ad referenced pics of the bore and the test targets but none were shown which struck me as odd. I emailed and requested the additional pics and got a cheerful "Thanks, yes the gun is still for sale" reply and no mention of the pics.

At $600 asking price it sounds like a no brainer to me but the condition of the rifle, the price and the response to my inquiry had my "spidey senses tingling". I googled "who is" and found a link to a inquiry of the company. They are a fraud of course. I also checked them at Reddit and found multiple complaints of fraudulent transactions.

"When something looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true" wins again. Add to your "no-fly list".
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I'm never surprised by the incredible amount of scam sites when it comes to firearms, and especially ammo.
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