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    OK.....Went to a gun show today and came home with an FAL type rifle. On a table there was a Steyr STG-58 with an Imbel receiver(no gear logo), and was stamped CAI. It has a bi-pod cut barrel and plastic hand guards with the bi-pod "slots", but no bi-pod. It also has no carry handle.

    The receive has this stamped on it:
    R1A1 Sporter
    Receiver made by IMBEL, Itajuba BRAZIL
    Imported by CAI St. Alb. VT

    2000 is stamped in the mag well.

    The barrel has CENTURION 58 stamped in it.

    The gun needs a cleaning (little bit of rust here and there, dirty barrel) but is pretty clean over all. The end of the barrel isn't finished the best, but it is ok for me.

    He was asking $450 for it with 1 mag and a 2 mag pouch. I got him down to $440+tax with an extra mag.

    Anyone know about the quality of these guns? The price seemed ok, and it had a Imbel receiver on it, so I bought it. Did I get a POS(piece of sh*t) gun? Should I saved up for a better one? Should I return it tomorrow? I am excited about it, but I am also a bit nervous about it(as you can tell).:confused: :assult: :D
    From what I have read on FALfiles, there are ok guns if you bought them to shoot, not for resale.......


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  2. You did pretty good. I am assuming the gun is used becaus CAI hasn't built on Imbels for a couple of years, although there may be some still in the pipeline. Have the headspace checked and take it to the range. You can find a bipod pretty easy. They come up on ebay from time to time and carries them as well.

    Chances are that the compliance parts include the CAI H/T/S. The hammers can be problematic (ask me how I know). If this is the case, you may want to replace the hammer with another brand. I like FSE, but you can probably buy one a little cheaper from Entreprise. I have used an Entreprise hammer in one of mine and it I have no complaints.

    It would be hard to beat that deal for a genuine Imbel and an StG-58 kit. All the StG kits that will come in to the USA already have. IMO, they are the most desirable. I'd say you have a keeper.

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    He was selling the gun as "new" and it came in a box with a UPC code on it and it was marked

    STG-58 w/US
    Buttstock CAL
    .308 win

    so I would say it is new. He says he get them from some place in (southern I think) Ohio. I didn't see any bi-pods at the gun show so I'll just buy one on the internet. I have a question about the carry handle. Where the carry handle should go, there is a "washer" there. It is a round piece of metal that can spin, and looks too big to allow a carry handle put on. Any ideas? I could be wrong, but it just looks like a carry handle won't fit. Also, which carry handle should I go with, I hear that some people put L1A1 handles on because they are more comfortable, any opinoins? One more question, how far apart should I take it apart?

    Well, thanks for saying I have a keeper, I sure hope it is.....


  4. Southern Ohio Gun (SOG) is a distributor of CAI products. Maybe that was who he was talking about. At $450, he's not making much of a profit. SOG's cost was right at $400. FYI, Imbel receivers currently run $220 dealer cost and StG kits in fair shape are selling for $250+. You can easily get your money out of it. That's why I thought it might be used.

    Kinda surprised that there was no carry handle. StGs have a unique grip which is rather small, but it is a distiguishing characteristic. I like the Imbel handles better than the L1A1 handles. They are equally as comfortable and less klunky looking. I have a spare StG handle, complete, that is kind of beat up but functional. If you want it, I'll take $5 for it. Email me.

    The washer comes out by backing out the gas tube nut in front of the receiver. Use the can opener on a Swiss Army knife for a gas nut wrench. Loosen it and take the washer out and replace the washer with the carry handle.

    If you ever have to do heavy duty maintenance on the gas system, be advised that there is a retention pin on the bottom of the gas tube at the rear of the gas block under the gas adjustment collar. If you do not remove the pin, you will strip the threads on the gas tube while unscrewing it.