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I'm not an expert or anything, but yes, there are reasons. Most of the STG kits were Austrian rifles that never left Austria. They were very well cared for and the kits are often in pristine shape as if they came off unfired rifles. The G1 kits were German rifles that were sold to Turkey and lived a hard life most of the time. I have a G1 kit I got from Tapco and there isn't a lot of finish left, and the wood and handguards are pretty beat up, but the bore really isn't too bad. Overall, you do get what you pay for with a kit. The cheaper G1 kits are cheaper for a reason. The STG kits are also more expensive for a reason. If you want the best deal out there, check out DSA. They offer G1 kits fully refinished for about $150 or $160 if I recall. They look like brand new, and that is the kit I built my FAL from. It is a really good kit for a really good price. Good luck.

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