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    Hey Im looking into getting the STI Steelmaster or Grandmaster. They are not all that different from one another but does anyone have any comments about them. I personally have never shot or help one, so Im just looking for some advice/tips/or comments. Just tell me what ya know.
  2. They make dam good firearms. I also like the stance STI took with California. Basically said SCREW YOU and moved to another state. lol If you go to their website, you can read the news release.

    But if I could afford one, I'd gladly buy one of their products. If to only show my appreciation. They are well made and they care about quality. Easily visible in everything they make.

    Many competition shooters either use their guns or their frames.

    Personally, I'd go for the steelmaster. But if you can afford the grandmaster, then gopher it. But I would think the steelmaster would be sufficient.

    What are you going to be using it for? Just target shooting/plinking or are you seriously planning on getting into competition? I mean, if just target/plinking, there's far more to choose from and for much less. If you plan on getting into competition, you've picked one of the best out there...

    Don't buy one of them to just target shoot or plink. Way too expensive a gun just for that...But it is or would be, your money...Steelmaster MSRP-$2714.00 and the TruBor Grandmaster (if that;s the one you meant) MSRP- $3445.57 Can you say OUCH!

    STI International - Steel Master

    STI International - TruBor GrandMaster
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    I am already shooting USPSA in the Limited 10 division, I am considering moving up in the near future. I am seriously thinking about the steelmaster, it seems to be the same gun only shorter overall.