Sticky ammo?

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  1. I just got a couple hundred .223 from a guy in exchange for some old tires and rims I've had in yard for a couple of years. Anyway, when I got it from him he had wraped the ammo with packing tape in groups of ten.

    Any good ideas on how to clean off the tape residue, without damage the ammo?
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    Easy: Get a couple boxes of rubbing alcohol pads and it will rub off easily. The alcohol will evaporate, and you are good to go.

  3. someone my dad got his ruger 44 magnum deer carbine from put this god awful camo duct tape all over it

    we thought maybe the stock was cracked (which wouldnt have been a big deal, the guy gave us a super deal on it) so we peeled off the disgusting stuff.....the stock (aside from the tape residue) was pristine and pretty as all get out

    we tried rubbing alcohol first.....not so good.....the best we oil on some cotton swabs.......i dont know why, then we used paper towels to wipe it off, came off with it
  4. I find the best thing to get tape residue off anything is this spray stuff call Goo-Gone, i got some from Wal-Mart. Works great.


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    Brake cleaner, I use it for everything from gun cleaning to final engine assy. parts cleaning.
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    It's called Goof Off. Cleans everything and doesn't harm the finish.
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    Goof Off is good.

    Alcohol doesn't remove Duct Tape residue too easily. But it does work pretty good on Packaging Tape residue.
  8. Good, my main concern was not harming the finish on the ammo.

    lighter fluid took care of most of it.
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