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    I ran across a web site talking about the bolt sticing closed after firing. They said that you should get it checked by a gunsmith. this happend to me 1 time out of about 60 rnds. should i be worried. :feedback:

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    Capn, I just looked up and noticed it in the Mosin forum.

    BB, nothing to worry about man. It is hugely common on the Mosin Nagants.
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    Sorry it was a mosin nagant m91/30
  4. Most on here will tell you to take apart the bolt and clean clean clean all the cosmoline out of it. In my experence the mosin-nagant has the stickiest bolt out of all the WWII rifles.
    Only reason I asked what rifle because some ask about the SVT-40 on here and that is a different problem.
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    thanks for the help fellas
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    It's also the green lacquered ammo you were likely using. The cosmoline that's still in the chamber warms up and bonds to the lacquer, making it very tough to remove the case. If you clean the chamber out with mineral spirits and a .410 bore brush, it will help a lot. I've heard of fellas using a shotgun mop, but I can't recall the size.

    If you try brass or copper-washed steel cases, you will find that you have very little if any sticky bolt.
  7. Use a .410 mop... with a little Brasso or jewelers polish... after you pre-clean with the .410 brush and break cleaner.
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    New York
    I'd use a 20-gauge brush on the chamber instead of the .410. Another thing that works is to take the barrelled receiver out of the stock, take all the trays out of your oven, line the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil, prop the barrelled receiver in it and heat it for 20 minutes at 200 degrees F. If there is any cosmoline lurking in there, it will run off onto the foil.

    If you go the chamber polishing route, I'd suggest Simichrome instead of Brasso. Simichrome is meant for ferrous metals; Brasso is not.
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    dont waist money takin it to a gunsmith! we can help for free!
    the key is to lear the live hell out of the bolt, take it apart and let it soak in some mineral spirits for like 24 hours then clean the living hell out of it again!, also do that there talking about with the bore brush ^, and if that does not work then give the moving peices of the bolt and inside the chamber a good polishing. that should work.
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  10. The 20ga mop and brush will work as well.

    The alternative to having the smell of cosmolene in your oven (for weeks) is to run boiling water through the barrel (from the breech) into a bucket. A turkey baster works well for feeding the boiling water. This doesn't always cure the problem so polishing the receiver is the next step.

    Make sure that the barrel is disassembled from the stock before doing any of this.:)
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    And a partridge in a pear tree! Ha-Ha!
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    Hmmm, a partridge and pear casserole...slow cooked in the crock pot with plums, onions and spices maybe?
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    I get a kick out of people and their gun cleaning methods. Just like opinions you know! No plums with mine please.
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    You dont have to ruin all your household appliances to clean a rifle ! A little brake or carb cleaner and it will remove any cosmolene on your metal parts ! I wouldnt use it on stock it ruins the finish!
  15. Anybody got any idea about what's happened to Charlton Heston's guns???
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    I don't know what happened to C.H.,s guns,but I hope they don't ask advise on how to clean them from this forum!There wont be any ovens or kitchen utensils they can use anymore. sam.
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  18. Plums are a different thread.