Stipple or checker?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Eric, Apr 4, 2002.

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    Ok, I know what checker means, but what exactly is stipple. It sure is alot cheaper to have your front strap stippled. Also, why does it cost more to have the front strap checkered by hand than on CNC machinery...wouldn't the computer do it neater. Just curious. Good Shooting! Eric
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    ok stippling is just making a textured surface using punches, kinda like nonskid tape only permanent. checkering is an artform, as someone who's checkered the front strap on a 1911 i can tell you its not as easy to do as youd think. if you look at several different guns both machine and hand checkered , the cnc guns are good, but a gun done by a skilled man with a checkering file can be done even better. just my opinion.

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    Stippling is when a multitude of blows with a "punch-like" instrument are applied to the surface, upending or displacing small "bites" of the metal, creating a kind of high density dimpling effect and raising many small areas creating a coarse (but not unpleasant) gripping area. Most stippling has a random "non-pattern" and is pleasing to the eye (at least to my eye).
    HOWEVER, CAUTION is in order. I have bought a few pieces CHEAP because they were all but ruined by incompetent smiths doing the stippling. It looks like it would be simple to do, and it is. It is another story to DO IT CORRECTLY.
    The last piece I had stippling performed on was a 1911 and it was done by Don Williams at ActionWorks. Don is an administrator on this site, and I consider him and his work to be EXCELLENT. BE SURE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF A SMITH'S STIPPLING BEFORE YOU ENGAGE HIM TO DO YOUR PIECE, lest you be disappointed with the finished product. Don is MY CHOICE for this work, and his prices are VERY FAIR. Hope this helps. By the way, Don has a website, and I believe he shows sampling of his stippling, but I am not sure, give it a try. I have enclosed his web address below. Good luck and safe shootin'.
    Jeffro (Jeff)
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    Got it! Thanks Guys, great help. Eric