stippling/matting part2

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lefty o, May 30, 2002.

  1. lefty o

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    does anybody know what im talking about? just want some insight. tax returns are in and i gotta figure out how to spend it, so im looking for ideas/opinions. anybody!?:target:
  2. Don Williams

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    lefty, There a bunch of different variations of how to stipple, and the results you get. Clark has always had what they call their "Tiger Tooth" stippling, which was an actual raising of the metal into a sharp point, and it will make you bleed if you're not careful. Most others use either some kind of impact tool (manual or powered) to roughen the surface, and some beat on the metal with a rough file to get the texture they desire. Novak's looks kind of like wood grain, and I suspect they use the latter method perhaps. Most others is just a general roughening of the whole area.

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    Hey Don,
    Been lookin' for you for weeks here, where have you been. Hope all is well for you and yours.
    Happy Trails and safe shootin',
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    Hi Jeff, Just busy. Got any spare rain you can send us?