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    If your using the mail and it goes through ohio beware.
    This is a post from another forum I belong to
    Aardvark Post subject: Stolen Rem 722
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    Insure what you ship!!!!
    I recently bought a 722 from a man in Ohio..He packaged the gun,disassembled...The stock and barreled action were taken from the box by a postal Handler somewhere between Howard Ohio and Corpus Christi TX.
    It is a 222mag and the serial number is 416952.
    Sad thing is, they did not get the bolt so nobody wins in this scenario...

    This may not be the right place to post this, but I gotta start somewhere.
  2. id go find that mailman and shove something unpleasant up his arse, stealing from a gun shipment.....*******

  3. This happens more then people think a mail man stole one of my brothers gift cards for xmas. We know it was a mail man since it was given to the post office in person and was never delevered in cali they tracked it to the station it dissapeared at. Of course they didnt pay for the lost card and the card was spent at the local target.
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    Trust no one. It is sad that there are people in the world who would do things like this. The guy who stole the rifle parts could be facing felony charges if he/she is found. Bad way to spend time.
  5. $%^ of a B!*&. Motor scooter!!! Make up your own words from here...
    Us > :hitwithrock:< mail turd
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    thats a shame, that particular mail man needs a whippin. Not everyone in Ohio is bad!!!!! (I like my mailman lol)
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    I'd contact the Postmaster General and try to get them to start an investigation.
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    Hmm there are a couple of 722 .222s on to check the serial number.......

    actually i would imagine that action is being used for a build right about now
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    dang i knew us ohioans couldnt be trusted!!!
  10. Tell the guy as others have said to contact the Post Master General. The guy should have shipped it using either delivery confirmation or signature confirmation. Something with a tracking number. Those are handled and each area has to be signed as it's handled I believe. Either way, as they suggested, tell this person to contact them.

    Another place to post the rifle as stolen is here. And by the way, FYI, you can post anything stolen here.
    List Your Stolen Property Here!

    So far, 55 weapons listed as stolen.
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    Stealing from the mail is a Federal rap, isn't it? Major felony.
  12. Apparently you got a tracking number or you wouldn't know where it disapeared at.
    Personaly I would think it would be easy to catch the thief.
    Are they going to pay for the loss, was it insured ?
  13. YES, YES IT IS, but only if they get caught? And what gets me, if this person is a postal worker, they've not only jeopardized their great pension not to mention that more than likely they make great money to where they can afford any rifle/handgun/firearm they want. Also, they'll be giving up some of the best benefits any job gives you. What a fool. But of course, this is only if they get caught. Hopefully, the shipper used some form of tracking and it will reduce the possibilities of where it disappeared.
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    These are the kinds of things BATFE should be all over !!!
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    hang em....+2 to that

    also, they give up their right to own a firearm....felony does that to ya.
  16. Hang him by those things on the ends of bolt handles.
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    hahahaha....yes, hang him by his lugnuts....errrr
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    This sort of thing is happening way too often. I usually ship gun parts, etc or anything of value Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Maybe thhats not enough now. Maybe Registered Mail from now on.
  19. hang him by his lugnuts no. Hang him by his wrist and wrap his lugnuts in wet rawhide and let it dry slowww.