Stolen Valor law completely vacated

Discussion in 'Veterans' started by DWFan, Aug 18, 2010.

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    This sleeze-bag not only makes claims of military service that he didn't do, he claims to be a Medal of Honor recipient....

    You wanna know what's even better? He was charged under the Stolen Valor Act and acquitted by the Federal Appeals Court in California. Just like the Colorado Judge recently, the court ruled that the Stolen Valor Act is "too vaguely defined and violates the First Amendment". Oh, but to make it a total disrespect of all veterans, according to this court, this doesn't just include making false claims, but actually wearing the uniform and the medals.
    Oh, btw, this dirt-bag is an elected official!
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  2. 99z28monster

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    God bless America. It is a shame that so many have died for this country and to protect the constitution that scumbags like this hide behind. Just to turn around and dishonor the fallen soldiers.

  3. grizcty

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    This is absolutly pathetic!

    But, then again.
    Three years ago, there was a candidate.
    That impersonated President Lincoln.
    And was also called the "Messiah", by the media!