Stop the Abuse, Please!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Dog, Sep 26, 2002.

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    This link is to a site that brings to our attention a serious form of animal abuse, by the animals themselves. We can only hope more people will act to bring this shameful activity under control.

    "BWAHAHAHA!!" Sorry, finally had to let it out. :D
  2. Doglips

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    I just love that Gico commercial were the squirels cause the car accident then high 5 each other.


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    Weird, funny but weird!
  4. Tanasi

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    I like that Excedrian Commercial where the mother is chasing the kid around the house. I nearly busted a gut when she caught him and he spit out the fish. "You gotta stop doing this."

    If I had run from my Mom like that, a quick and painless death is the best I could hope for.

  5. um um good --reminds me of grandma's squirrel stew. Tastes like tree rat.
  6. Oxford

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    I've got more squirrels in my neighborhood than anyone needs. With all the oak trees around there's lots of food. I'm about to become abusive so hope no one turns me in.(ha)

    My neighbor hooked up a 110 volt wire around the perimeter of the bird feeder that he could activate when squirrels stood there. He said they would jump about three feet high when he shot the juice through them.(ha) Now that's not abuse, it's just protecting the birds.
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