Stopped at Rural King on the way to work

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  1. Picked up this set for 14.99, decided to get the set rather than just the Sharpfinger by itself, due to the Sharpfinger by itself being 5.00 more than the set. IMG_20201029_184117.jpg
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    Score !

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    Like 'em! Those are both nice knives!
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    Nice! Those Sharpfingers sure looked like one of the most handy knives for skinning. Again I recall you could get one for free by subscribing to one of the Hunting magazines or Outdoor Life many years back.
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  6. You are correct, that's how dad got his. If I remember correctly it was back in the early to mid 80's, he got the Sharpfinger by getting one magazine and one with a drop point blade by ordering another magazine.
    I'm now looking for the drop point version.
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    At $15 that is a great buy. Especially with the added folder. I keep one in the console of my Jeep. I have dozens of knives, but that is the one that is always in reach. I use it to open the mail, cut rope when tying things down, and just anything you need for quick cutting. Years ago in the military I had to keep a go bag with me at all times, and I had a Gerber in it for stabbing folks if need be and always appreciated a sharp point. The Gerber has nothing on this little guy, it is shorter, but could it ever do some damage, and always in the console under my arm. Just saying, not just a cutting tool but a car jacker deterent if need be.
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