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  1. I store mine in ammo cans. One trick I have found is if you ever have the store bought beef jerky there is a lil pouch in them. Most people think it is a descciant. But it is actually an Oxygen eater. These you can toss in your ammo cans and they will remove the Oxygen in the can. Very good for keeping ammo longer.

    Another thing is using dessi packs in the cans. Dessicants remove humidity and moisture. Just be sure to take em out and bake em every now and then to recharge them.

    And finally. You should examine all your ammo cans. There is a rubber seal that keeps the contents high and dry. If this seal is broken damaged or missing you should mark that can and use it for other storage. This means your ammo will not be kept dry and humidity could condense in the can and cause corrosion.

    Any other good ideas?

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  2. Rex_Lee

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    Are all those cans full of ammo?

  3. 338RUM

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    Good pointers Captain!
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    Good info Capt'n. I also keep it in the original packaging as much as possible, especially Mil-surp in sealed battle packs, etc. Ammo with sealant at the case mouth and primers is always a better candidate for long term storage.
  5. 338RUM

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    and if you roll your own you can buy sealant from cabelas and I think Midway

  6. Not all completely full but none are empty.
  7. Also if they are on clips I like to keep them in the .30 cal cans. That way they are easier to get to if needed in a hurry.
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    I started using dessicant years ago but then thought about mil packing. The mil doesn't use any kind of dessicant so I figured I didn't need to either. Made storage a lot easier.