Strange enfield ?

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    I have a WWI used enfield rifle it says enfield on it but its still a little odd it doesn't look like the smle much the stock doesn't go all the way to the end of the barrel and has a 7 round magazine it was made in 1916 has anyone heard of a rifle like this:tongue2:
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    with out pictures i can only guess its a bubba job.
    if its a 2 piece stock its a No1 MKIII.
    if its a 1 piece stock its a Pattern P14.

    give us some more info and some good pictures.

  3. Mosin_Mike

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    It might be a Lee-Metford mark 1. They had eight round magazines and the barrel exposed. Here is a pic I found/stole from msn images.

  4. Mosin_Mike

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    The Lee Metford was produced earlier then your date but it could have been reconditioned?
    I like this game.
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