Strange Grip Request for a Service Six

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by thaddy1978, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Could someone trace (this does require removal) their grips for their service six...not the smaller grips they came with, but the larger wooden ones--scan it and PM it to me...or mail? I had my grandfathers Combat Masterpiece and traced those grips. I was really just rough-cutting a pair to see how hard it would be to help me decide if I was going to attempt to carve out my own from some exotic wood. I did this knowing they wouldn't fit my revolver, but again, was just trying my hand at it. I think I have now decided that I want to give it a go for my revolver.
  2. Please explain: "not the smaller grips they came with, but the larger wooden ones" - my Service Six came with factory walnut grips that I found to be too small and slippery for my liking so I replaced them with Pachmayer rubber grips. As I recall, I had to know the S/N range for my gun to get the correct Pachmayers. If I traced the wooden ones and sent the tracing to you would that solve your problem?

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    Sorry Fred, I should have been more specific. Yeah, mine has the factory grips and they are awful. I know there are the larger wooden grips some folks have for this revolver, the outline/dimensions are what is desired. The outline for the Pachmayers may work, but as you said and as I think I also recall reading, they do require a partial serial number, as they have two different grips for the service/security six. I believe mine would be the newer model...later serial number.
  4. Thaddy, the wooden grips are much smaller than the Pachmayer: the wood grips leave all the metal of the handle exposed (backstrap, butt, etc.) whereas the Pachmayer totally encloses the metal. A trace of the wood grips would give the outline of the metal. A trace of the Pachmayer would give the oversize outline but wouldn't show where the inletting is for fitting to the metal. I would think you would need both traces and also have to be a very good woodcarver in order to carve your own grips. I'd be glad to trace them for you if it will help.

    My gun is a DAO s/n 162-41xxx that was part of a 12/1988 shipment to the NYPD.
  5. I have made grips for several kinds of hand guns and the thing I found was it seemed to take about 4 sets of grips to get the hang of it. The 1st set was for a 1911 and I ruined some good wood ,untill I got the hang of it. I would recomend using a cheap wood,fairly soft to start. good luck when you get a good set please post a pic.
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    Yeah, I know about the original wood grips. I can take those off and trace them to kinda give me what I need for part of the job. A trace of your Pachmayer's would be helpful!

    Well, I am on my first set. I am wanting a more accurate trace so I can work on numbers 2, 3, & get it right on number 4. :)