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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Hans R Colt, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Hans R Colt

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    I'd like to know how long it took for everyone to figure out how to load stripper clips on your Hakim...

    It took me a year.
  2. Hans, I never figured it out, what the book said did not make sense. Please enlighten me...

  3. Klaus

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    Well, I never had the clips. I would probably too paranoid about the bolt slamming down on my fingers, anyway. Those things are nasty.
  4. Jesse

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    I talked to an old guy about a year ago who was really into the Ljungmanns. He told me the trick was to turn the safety on before stripping the clip into the magazine. He told me most people try to load by stripper clip without applying the safety... possible, but most people get "bitten" that way. I had a Hakim slam on my thumb once. I carry the scar to this day.

  5. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt Guest

    Okay, here goes...

    1. Put the selector switch to the SAFE position. If the bolt is not yet in the retracted position, push the action cover completely forward, the pull all the way back...the bolt should come back with it, exposing the magazine.

    2. Look at the stripper clip guide at the top of the action's shaped like a "box," with the forward end open. Take your stripper clip of ammo, place it inside the "box" with the bullets pointing up at the sky or ceiling; one end of the stripper clip should contact the back wall of the "box."

    3. "Swing" the stripper clip so that the bullets are now pointing at your target. The stripper clip is now in the proper position and distance relative to the magazine follower.

    4. Push the bullets into the magazine like you would with a Mauser or SKS. Then remove the stripper clip.

    Remember that there is no safe way to load a Hakim, Ljungman, or Rashid with the selector in the FIRE position. If the bolt goes forward in the SAFE position, have it checked!

    P.S. - All Mauser stripper clips should work; I've used Turk, Yugo, and German.
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  6. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt Guest

    I hope no one got their fingers bitten!

    I broke down the rifle today and found that the wood around the rear action screw is deteriorated...can anyone recommend a fix?

    Any help is greatly appreciated...and Thank You!
  7. hans, boy that stripper clip device is slicker than snot! Some good skull sweat went in to it. The Yugo's don't like to fit in the ears of the box. But the german ones fit nicely, so i will look for some more at the show this weekend. THANKS for the instructions...
  8. hans, try taking the stock to a local cabinet/furnature shop and see what they can do for you. They might be able to oversize a "plug" and re-drill the hole.
  9. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt Guest

    Thanks for the Info, REM .303 !!

    I found that the action was loose in the stock, so I shimmed the rear part of the action with a piece of innertube rubber, then I put some of that "Gorilla Glue" around the crack and glued the remaining slivers back together and I let the excess touch the action...but I oiled the bottom parts of the action so the glue will just form around the oil and not bond to the stock.

    Hope that works until I start playing furniture maker...

    Thanks Again !!